Colt Johnson and Girlfriend: Already Talking About Marriage?

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90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson has a new girlfriend, one who stands up for him against his own fans.

But are they really still together? And, if so, how serious is it?

As you'll see below, Jess is already addressing the topic of marriage. Take a look:

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline

"Are you single?" asked one of Jess Caroline's followers on Instagram. "You're so pretty!"

Jess replied to that very correct person by writing in her Instagram Stories: "I'm not single, thank youuu," followed by a red heart emoji.

Another of her followers seemed to know a little bit more of what her life is like these days.

"Are you going to marry Colt?" the fan asked.

Jess replied with a sticker reading "Yes? No? Maybe?"

Jess Caroline Likes Flowers

It's no surprise that Jess didn't give a clear-cut answer to that.

For one thing, she and Coltee have only been dating for, what, a couple of months?

It would be bonkers to seriously discuss marriage after such a short time getting to know one another.

(Especially since Coltee was married so recently)

Also, even if Jess were thinking "yes, I'd definitely marry Colt," she'd probably want to tell him that before she puts it all over her Instagram Stories.

Jess Caroline painting by Colt Johnson

Jess also shared this image.

As 90 Day Fiance fans probably recall, Colt has more hobbies than just his notoriously expensive porn habit.

He also has a love for painting.

As you can see in this portrait that he did of Jess, not all of his paintings are of cats.

Though he did make sure to highlight Jess' feline tattoo on her shoulder.

Jess Caroline Models

It sounds like things are going well for Colt and Jess.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that the Brazilian model is on the cusp of moving in with Colt and Debbie.

Jess still lives in Chicago and Colt still lives in Vegas. It's largely a long-distance relationship for the moment.

It sounds like that works just fine for Colt, who is no stranger to LDRs. That's how his courtship with Larissa began, after all.

Jess is believed to already have her green card -- so there's no rush or 90-day countdown lighting a fire under her posterior.

Jess Caroline Wears Glasses

When Jess and Colt first started dating, wild rumors began to circulate.

One very indirect source who claimed to have personal knowledge of the couple said that Jess was dating him almost as a prank.

The story was that she knew exactly who Colt was and thought that it would be hilarious to go on a date with him, for the experience.

As we stressed at the time, anyone can claim to have special knowledge on social media. Rumors need to be verified.

Clearly, either this rumor was untrue or some romantic comedy shenanigans ensued, because it looks like Jess has caught real feelings.

Jess Caroline Has Great Hair

Some people may be concerned at the idea of Colt and Jess getting along so well and even tangentially touching on a topic like marriage.

(And we don't just mean Debbie, who has to be worried about Jess tripping over that umbilical cord)

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans consider Colt to have been a villain or even the villain in his marriage to Larissa Lima.

Is Colt the sort of person who can have a healthy relationship with anyone?

But Larissa herself has said that the news that he's dating again makes her "happy," noting that "life goes on."

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