Billy Brown SLAMMED by Daughter: Alaskan Bush People Are All FREAKS!

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Alaskan Bush People fans are still reeling from the news that Bear Brown and Raiven are expecting a child even though they broke up.

But Bear isn't the only one of Billy's children who's making headlines this month.

One if Billy's daughter's is roasting her old man -- and every other member of the family.

Billy Brown on Season 8

This month, Billy Brown's estranged Texan daughter took to Facebook to sharply shade her entire extended family.

"I’ve never been the average person, walking with the herd or conforming to the masses," Twila Byars' post begins.

She continues, admitting that she was "at some point thinking I was somewhat abnormal according to the ‘normal.'"

So far, of course, she sounds like she's in lock step with her numerous half-siblings up in Washington.

But,a s you'll see, she is of a different opinion.

Twila Byars

"So I had an Epiphany today after reading a few things," Twila shares with her followers.

WIth context, we're guessing that she read some reports about the Brown family.

Twila says that she has come to realize "that IM ACTUALLY THE NORMAL ONE IN MY D.N.A. Lineage!"

Note that she does not use the word "family" or "father." That speaks volumes.

"Normal, average, and boring never felt so good," her post concludes.

Ami Brown and Billy Brown GIF

If you don't know who Twila Byars is ... we don't blame you.

For decades she has lived in Texas while Billy lived in Alaska, then Beverly Hills, and now Washington with Ami and their children.

But yes, she is Billy's daughter.

Reports say that the two have spoken from time to time, though "keep in touch" doesn't mean that they speak frequently.

She also appeared briefly on Alaskan Bush People in 2016.

Billy Brown in Season 8

So what could Tila possibly mean when she puts Billy and seemingly his and Ami's entire brood on blast?

They are, after all, her half-siblings. And Rain, if you'll recall, is still a minor.

But we have to guess that this is at least partially about Bear Brown.

The self-described King of Extreme got engaged late in August of this year.

He and Raiven, his hot model girlfriend, were so excited ... until they broke up, not two weeks later.

Bear Brown Goes Wild

A two week engagement must be a record, even for reality shows. But that wasn't the end of their story.

After resolving to remain friends, the two of them had another announcement that caught even them by surprise.

Raiven is pregnant by Bear.

While the two have wisely decided to co-parent as friends, it's definitely unexpected news.

Baby announcements may come before or after the engagement, but seldom after the breakup.

Tila may have been taking aim at that.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

That said, she could have been talking about almost anything.

Rumor has it that Gabe and his girlfriend, Raquell, may have been rushed into their own engagement.

Then there's Matt Brown's extensive struggle with alcohol abuse and his recent resolve to keep on the striaght and narrow.

We hope that it's not about the latter. Addiction is a serious ailment.

Whatever it is, Tila's callout post may end up being only the start of massive family drama.

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