Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Blake Goes Bye Bye! At Last!

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There was trouble in romantic paradise on Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Demi Burnett  -- who made headlines this season by announcing she was bisexual and then choosing to stay with girlfriend Kristian Haggerty instead of fellow suitor Derek Peth -- took issue with her same-sex lover on the latest installment.

She accused Kristian of getting a little too close to her costars.


Burnett struggled when she took note what she interpreted as Kristian flirting with other women in the cast.

(Editor's Note: Kristian was simply brought to Mexico by Chris Harrison and company to further Demi's storyline... and she has since just stuck around.)

Demi explained that she was not comfortable with all this affection, in part because she was still adjusting to being out of the closet.

How did Kristian react to the couple's first quasi fight of their relationship?

By confronting Demi about it during a date, explaining that she used touch to show her friends she cared about them and never intended give off romantic vibes.

"It doesn't change how I feel about you," she assured Burnett.

krist and demi

Demi did her best to understand, but also opened up about her ongoing internal debate.

“I feel like I’m not giving her enough, but I’m also struggling with my inner battle of being worried about how I’m making other people feel, which shouldn’t matter, but it does,” Demi said.

“I hate that my brain works that way but I’m just scared. It has everything to do with me being uncomfortable with being gay around people … being gay around all these people who thought I was some straight girl. It’s scary.

She continued:

I’m getting comfortable with it, but it’s taking me some time. I feel so guilty because I feel bad for it taking time and I want to give her what she needs but I’m still uncomfortable with it because I don’t want people to be like, ‘That’s weird.’

I don’t want people to stare and be like, ‘Oh my God, you’re kissing.’

It’s just stressing me out and I’m trying not to be so concerned about myself and trying to think about her.

Demi Burnett, Girlfriend


Kristian and Demi overcame this hurdle in their romance, but the same could not be said in the end for Blake and Kristina.

"I have allowed myself to think about Kristina as being the mother of my children and as being my wife,” Blake confessed in an on-camera interview.

“There’s something undeniable between us. We can’t deny each other anymore. We can’t deny the feelings that we have."

In an aggressive move, Blake then made his own date card for Kristina.

And in an honest move, Kristina told Blake the following on their outing:

"I don’t think I’ll be able to get where I need to get. I can’t get there if I’m being real. It would’ve been very misleading of me to continue these things. I’m sorry."

blake h2

Ouch, huh?

So much for that whole mother of my children thing, dude.

“I did not expect this to go this way,” Blake responded.

When Kristina rejoined the group on the beach, she announced that she was leaving Paradise.

And then Blake shared the same sentiment with Clay Harbor.

“Paradise just isn’t for me,” he told Clay.

In the van on his way outta there, Blake wondered if perhaps his Paradise conclusion resulted from the tangled web of love he wove earlier in the season with Kristina, Caelynn, Hannah Goodwin and Tayshia Adams.

There was also that whole text message release debacle.

“Part of me thinks I deserve this,” Blake said. “This is karma, you know?

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