Wendy Williams: Bill Cosby Tried to Ruin Me for Exposing Him in 1991!

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In light of her very busy, scandalous year, Wendy WIlliams has been making the rounds doing interviews. Last week, she was on The View.

Now, in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Wendy is addressing a very old grudge, and taking a moment to gloat.

Nearly three decades ago, she discussed the first public accusations against Bill Cosby. And he tried his hardest to get her fired.

Wendy Williams on WWHL september 2019

Wendy Williams sat down with Andy Cohen (who is growing out a beard right now, which is a choice) to narrate how Cosby once tried to destroy her.

"It was back in the early '90s," Wendy recalls. "When I wasn't even the main person in a three-people morning show with news and everything,"

"So there were like five of us," she shares.

"But I was the gossip girl," Wendy details. "And I had talked about Cosby."

She continues: "and some of the ways that he had in his life at that particular time."

Remember, accusations against Cosby came out in the '90s, but it was a sadly different time and the women were few in number.

Bill Cosby Booking Pic

"That was back in 1991," Wendy details.

The public response to the Cosby accusations, among those few who ever heard them, was deeply shameful. No one wanted to know, it seemed.

"And here I am dishing the dirt," she narrates. "For those of you who listen to 98.7 KIIS back in the day, I'm dishing the dirt."

"He called my general manager," Wendy says of Cosby. "The general manager's talking with Cosby."

"But I was making ratings with the morning show," she reveals. "So I didn't get fired."

Good Riddance, Bill

She didn't get fired, but that doesn't mean that her exposure of Cosby's evil misdeeds went without consequences.

"But I got called into the office on a three-way conference call," Wendy shares.

She describes the scenario: "It was me, the general manager, and Cosby."

"He's dressing me down," Wendy says. "And then the GM sends me out of the office and I go back to doing my thing."

"But I'm crying through the hall," she admits. "And I dab my tears and I'm like, 'okay, alright now."

Bill Cosby Interview Photo

What she was thinking at the time was this this wasn't as bad as it seemed.

"'Well, Bill Cosby just dressed me down and I'm only a few years old,'" she recalls thinking.

Wendy explains: "So in my way, it was a way of being acknowledged by somebody like really?"

"Of all the things in Dr. Cosby's life that affect him, it's calling little old Wendy," she characterizes.

When, at the time, she was "Not even the main character on a morning show at KIIS."

THE Wendy Williams

"And all these years later, look at little old Wendy," Wendy remarks.

She adds: "And look at Cosby."

Success is the best revenge.

Well, that and succeeding while the other guy is a disgraced old man rotting in a prison cell.

Wendy Williams: Happy on Set

Wendy has never exactly been known as a champion of assault survivors or of the downtrodden.

She associates with people whom she should not (even though, as a producer, she is in charge of who is and is not her guest).

She has also been accused of victim-blaming women who "should have known better," which does nothing but perpetuate the culture in which rapists thrive.

But when it comes down to Wendy vs Cosby, we're always going to be Team Wendy.

She definitely got the last laugh in the end.

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