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It’s been a little over a month since Bethenny Frankel announced her departure from The Real Housewives of New York City, breaking our hearts.

Fans are still in shock, but Andy Cohen has been shining a light of hope that Bethenny will return. It’s happened before.

But … what does Bethenny have to say about all of that?

Andy Cohen Has an Announcement

After Bethenny announced her tragic departure from The Real Housewives of New York City was announced, Andy didn’t keep silent.

Speaking on SiriusXM Radio, as he is want to do, the Bravo host shared his prediction.

"My overwhelming feeling about Bethenny leaving New York," Andy began.

"And," he adds. "I told her this 6 weeks ago were she going to leave."

Andy reveals that he told her "that I’m so grateful she came back."

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"She left before is what we need to remember," Andy observed.

Not once, but twice.

"So," he reasoned. "We were very lucky to have these seasons with her on it."

Absolutely, Bethenny has so much personality and she is so very entertaining.

Andy gushed: "and it was so fun to have her back."

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Andy recognized that "and she really brought so much to the show."

He also told her "that I’m just living in the gratitude of her second return."

"And," Andy expressed to Bethenny. "I’ll hopefully live in the gratitude of her third return."

In other words, he expects that she just needs a break and will want to return.

Whether it’s the platform or the money or the drama, Bethenny has a history of reality recidivism.

Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out

Andy alsos poke about how the Real Housewives franchise is like family.

Actually, he compared it to a "mob" that you can’t really leave.

That’s … certainly one way to view it.

Well, the Emmy Awards were on Sunday, and Bethenny was there — even if she kept acting like she didn’t belong anymore.

And she had something to say about Andy’s prediction that she will return.

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"You know, I love Andy. love Bravo," Bethenny affirmed diplomatically while in L.A.

"They took out an ad yesterday," she observed. "To congratulate me on everything BStrong is doing,"

"So," Bethenny expressed. "It’s great to have good relationships."

"And," she concluded. "I will always be a member of the Bravo family."

That’s not a yes or a no, of course.

Bethenny Frankel is in Charge

Bethenny was very tactful and diplomatic with her response.

She both acknowledged that Bravo was cheering for her while, of course, also pointing out what she’s been up to.

Bethenny has always been a busy person and she always will be, whether or not she’s on camera.

She has plenty on her plate — from her extensive charity work to her continuing and unending torment at the hands of Jason Hoppy.

It may be that she just needs a break — for her court fight with Jason, for her mental health, for salary negotiations.

Other Real Housewives have taken a season off and returned more popular and better paid than ever, you know?