Matt Brown Reconciles with Billy, Plans Return to Alaskan Bush People!

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Late last month, reports came out that Matt Brown was banned from filming Alaskan Bush People after his sobriety struggles and a family conflict.

That wasn't just sad for viewers -- it was a source of grief for the whole family.

Now, there's wonderful news for everyone involved -- especially Matt himself.

Billy Brown and Matt Brown in Season 8

As you may recall, even when we reported on the falling out between father and son, we did some further digging.

We were even able to find a photograph of Matt in Washington, which seemed to indicate that things were on the mend.

Now, RadarOnline confirms that we were right on the money.

"Matt is already back in California," the insider reports.

The source notes that this is "after spending a week with his family in Washington,"

"But," the insider adds. "He really had a great trip home."

Matt Brown Sees the Ocean

"He made up with his father," the insider announces. "Which is huge."

"He was able to make up with his father," the source repeats.

"And," the insider shares. "They were able to come to an agreement that would bring Matt back to the show."

That is a huge relief -- though, of course, a little too late for this current season.

The source clarifies that Matt's return is slated "for the season after this one."

Matt Brown Photo

Of course, there's one very serious ground rule.

"Billy told Matt that he must stay sober from now on," the insider reveals.

"Or else," the source warns. "The deal is off."

"Of course, Matt agreed," the insider adds.

We're sure that no one is more invested in Matt remaining sober than Matt himself.

Matt Brown at Lake Loomis

While Matt hasn't made a formal announcement about returning to the show, he has dropped "hints" about his reconciliation with his family.

"Taking in this peaceful view of this lake here and I was thinking about you all guys," Matt said in a recent Instagram video.

Notably, in the video, he is overlooking Lake Loomis. 

"I know that I haven’t done a video in a while," he acknowledged. "So I just wanted to say ‘hey.’"

"I hope you all have a good weekend," he expressed. "And I know that we will out here."

"Alright," Matt concluded. "Love you all!"

Matt Brown at the Beach

Years ago, Matt developed a problem with alcohol and had to become sober.

In recent years, however, worries over his mother's battle with Stage 4 lung cancer contributed to his return to drinking.

(It was not the only factor, but it was certainly a major one)

Last year, the family staged an intervention, and Matt attended rehab along with therapy and meetings and hired a sobriety coach.

Even with that support, he faltered and slipped at times. Now, he is once again on the straight and narrow.

Fans and family alike are proud of Matt for taking these difficult steps to better his life.

Matt Brown on TV

Still, Matt Brown will need to remain sober if he intends to make good on the deal that he and Billy have struck.

But we believe 100% that he can avoid alcohol or even the temptation to drink.

Right now, he's back to enjoying his life in Southern California.

Having so many social options (including a rumored mystery girlfriend) should help with emotional support until he sees his family again.

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