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Just a few days ago, Chris Harrison shattered the Bachelor Nation’s hopes and dreams by claiming that Tyler Cameron will not be the next Bachelor.

To hear him tell it, Tyler had disqualified himself by continuing to date — seeing both Hannah Brown and Gigi Hadid.

Funny thing, though: a very believable report says that Tyler’s still in the running.

And Now We're Gonna Make All of You Happy...

TMZ reports that sources intimately familiar with the inner workings of The Bachelor say that Tyler Cameron could totally still be the Bachelor.

Chris Harrison’s claim on Monday that Tyler was disqualified for being a fame-seeking playboy? 

That was misdirection … up to a point.

It turns out that Tyler is currently considered to be in third place for the leading man … but a distant third.

As for why he’s not the show’s first choice, that has to do with attitude and intentions.

Tyler Cameron on the Finale

"You may not believe this, but sincerity is really important," the production source tells TMZ.

"The bachelor has to really want to find love," the insider explains.

"And," the source states. "Tyler doesn’t really have his heart in it."

"And the audience can see through it," the insider concludes.

Tyler’s interest in his modeling career is a distraction from his quest for love, apparently, and makes him a less appealing leading man.

Tyler Cameron

So could Tyler be the next Bachelor? Yes.

But TMZ‘s sources say that no one should be getting their hopes up about it.

"There’s a tremendous amount of juggling that goes into being the bachelor," the source says.

The insider characterizes that there are always "lots of balls in the air."

"And," the source laments. "He just doesn’t have it."

Tyler C. Pic

The first two picks for the role seem like much more likely candidates at the moment.

Those two men, this same report reveals, are exactly who you think they are: Mike Johnson and Peter Weber.

It’s not as simple as labeling one or the other as #1 or #2.

Apparently they are neck-and-neck in terms of production favorites to be the next Bachelor.

Meanwhile, one source expresses: "I’d be shocked, shocked if Tyler ends up the bachelor."

Hannah and Tyler on the Finale

Obviously, we have to address the degree of absurdity in what the sources are saying.

When did they make this "sincerety" rule, exactly?

Because one can only assume that it was made after Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season and not before.

Arie seemed so clearly to be after fame. He broke up with his real-life girlfriend just three days before his casting was announced.

Meanwhile, Tyler having real and heavy conversations with Hannah and going on a couple of dates with Gigi Hadid doesn’t sound insincere to us.

It sounds like, well, a guy looking for love. Isn’t that what the show’s all about?

Hannah Brown and Peter

So, if Peter Weber ends up being the Bachelor, what does it mean?

Some people still feel a sense of unease over him breaking up with his girlfriend, even though he did so three months before he met Hannah.

Also, some folks are going to have very high expectations because of what he and Hannah did in that windmill. Of what they did four times.

Meanwhile, Mike Johnson is handsome and charming, but will unfortunately have to deal with racism.

Given past experience, he’ll probably have to tackle not only social media racism (and lowered ratings), but some racists among his own contestants.

On the plus side, Mike as the leading man slightly raises the chance that Demi Lovato might try out to be a contestant next season.