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Meghan Markle has made this much clear:

She wasn’t exactly taking it easy during the final few weeks of her pregnancy.

Meghan Markle is SO Pregnant

In new photos from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official Instagram account, the former USA Network actress is giving followers a glimpse behind the scenes of her somewhat private life.

(Yes, Markle is one of the most public figures on the planet in one sense. But, in another sense, do you have any idea what she does on a daily basis?)

These pictures reveal a very, VERY pregnant Markle while she delves into important business and happenings at her Smart Works charity, an organization that helps vulnerable and longterm unemployed women regain the skills and confidence to get into work.

Pretty admirable, right?


To celebrate her recently-announced line of women’s workwear – which will benefit Smart Works – the relatively new mother shared the new snapshots above and below from her visits to Smart Works.

The 37-year appears here to be playing stylist, helping clients select pieces to wear to a job interview.

She’s also shown sitting at a table to talka bout the charity’s work.

It’s also worth noting that Markle appears to be rocking the same black vintage jacket she sported while stepping out in New York City ahead of her baby shower in February.


Reads the caption alongside these new photographs:

Throughout her visits she noticed that while the donations were plentiful, they were also notably a combination of mismatched items and colours which weren’t always the right stylistic choices or sizes that didn’t necessarily ‘suit’ the job at hand: to make a woman feel confident and inspired as she walked into her job interview.

As for the aforementioned line of women’s workwear?

"Launching this autumn, The Duchess will be supporting a collective to help equip the women of Smart Works with the key workwear essentials they need as they enter into the workplace," the sussexroyal account explains.

It continues:

"This initiative is supported by four generous brands who share the vision to empower the women of Smart Works to look and feel [100 emoji] as they bravely venture in to what can often be a daunting environment for those who have been out of the job market."


Markle guest-edited the latest issue of British Vogue, earning a great deal of backlash in the process.

She opened up about this charitable project within its pages, writing:

“To help with this, I asked Marks & Spencer, John Lewis & Partners, Jigsaw and my friend, the designer Mischa Nonoo, if they were willing to design a capsule collection of more classic options for a workwear wardrobe.

"Taking the idea further, many of the brands agreed to use the one-for-one model: for each item purchased by a customer, one is donated to the charity.

"Not only does this allow us to be part of each other’s story, it reminds us we are in it together."

At Smart Works, clients receive one-on-one interview preparation, along with an ensemble to try and help them secure employment.

Once the client does, indeed, land a job, she receives five additional pieces of clothing to help see them through to their first paycheck.

“The reason why I was drawn to Smart Works is that it reframed the idea of charity as community…’s a network of women supporting and empowering other women in their professional pursuits,” writes Markle.