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We’re all hyped for the Season 10 premiere of Alaskan Bush People. It’s so soon!

But Matt Brown has been having a rough go of it lately and even avoiding his family entirely.

A new report says that Billy has outright banned his son from filming with the family. But this story may have a happy ending. …

Matt Brown on TV

Up until very recently, Matt Brown was avoiding his parents and his siblings by hanging out in sunny California.

Following his stint in rehab, he seemed more interested in spending time with his mystery girlfriend than with his family.

However, RadarOnline reports that he has now changed his tune.

"Matt has taken a complete 180 in regards to not wanting anything to do with his famous family," the insider reports.

In fact, the source says that he is broke and has been "begging" his father to let him film for the show.

Matt Brown Sees the Ocean

Previously, Billy had apparently assured Matt that he could return to the show — provided that he remains sober.

"Billy changed his mind about all of that," the insider reveals.

The source explains that Billy revised his decision "after the two got into another heated argument!."

We may not know the nature of the dispute, but it sounds like Matt got himself blacklisted from his own family’s show.

Temporarily, anyway.

Matt Brown at the Beach

Last year, with pressure from his loved ones, Matt made the brave choice to seek help with his sobriety after having fallen off of the proverbial wagon.

He had a few missteps following his initial stint in rehab, but everyone was rooting for him to succeed.

"Matt has been living in California ever since with his mysterious girlfriend," the insider notes.

"And," the source adds. "He’s been making YouTube videos.”

“But YouTube videos do not pay his rent," the insider points out.

Well, they can and do for many people — but not with Matt’s level of engagement.

Matt Brown Photo

"Billy has considered letting his son back on the show," the source reveals.

"But," the insider admits. "He sees him as a possible liability."

There is always a worry that he might start drinking again if he’s in the right — or wrong — environment.

"Ami really wants her son back in her life," the source expresses.

"And," the insider continues. "At this point, Billy doesn’t really know what to do."

Matt Brown

Interestingly, it looks like someone in the family may have made up their minds.

After reading what RadarOnline’s sources had to say, we did some snooping around.

It turns out that Matt has been spotted back in Washington — just a few days ago.

This is his first time there in months, and could be a sign that his family is having him back to film.

There’s even a photo of him. Take a look:

Good for him!

That said, Matt is not expected to appear in this next season.

That shouldn’t be a surprise — Season 10 premieres just days from now, on Sunday, August 4.

Reality television is generally filmed months before it airs, and Alaskan Bush People is no exception.

We hope that Matt’s presence in Washington is a sign that he’s getting along with his family again. We wish them all the best!