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Larry Caputo may believe that Long Island Medium was a curse upon his marriage, but Theresa’s still going.

Season 14 is real, it’s happening, and now, thanks to Theresa, we know the premiere date.

Long Island Medium returns sooner than any of us thought. …

Theresa Caputo on TLC

This week, Theresa Caputo took to Instagram to share some very good news.

"Beyond excited to share the news," Theresa proclaimed.

Clearly, she had been sitting on this detail for a while, waiting for the go-ahead from TLC to announce it.

"New season of Long Island Medium starts FRIDAY October 18th at 9/8c on @tlc," she revealed.

"New Season," Theresa noted. "New Night."

"Can’t wait for you all to watch!" Theresa gushed.

Of course she can’t! And fans can’t wait, either. (But they will, for another month and a half)

"#tlc #longislandmedium #fridaynight," Theresa put in the tags to remind her followers.

She continued, getting more personal about the role that the show is intended to take in people’s lives: "#beautifulmeasages #healing."

Clearly, Theresa still feels extremely positive about her show and the effect that it has on her life — and other people’s lives.

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In late 2017, it was revealed that the Caputo marriage was over after 28 years.

As you can imagine, fans were absolutely stunned. That’s three decades — their adult lives — gone.

The couple shares two children and, at least in public, the split has seemed amicable.

Larry has been spending more time on the West coast and has a new girlfriend.

He has said that Long Island Medium and the pressures of fame and constantly being on camera were a major stressor upon their marriage.

The couple officially divorced a year after announcing the split, in December of 2018.

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It was several seasons ago — Season 8 — when Theresa did an interview in which she admitted that the show’s success was a shock.

At the time when the show began, she had expected to film a few episodes, perhaps one season at most. Like a documentary or a miniseries.

Here she is, preparing millions of fans for hte premiere of Season 14.

The show has a massive following, many of whom want to receive a reading of their own from Theresa one day.

If Theresa and Larry had known that their marriage would end, we wonder if they would have still done the show.

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Theresa and her show and profession can be controversial at times.

Some people see her as someone with a divine gift.

(And of course there are always the people who see mediums as unholy, in a very Old Testament sense)

Others see Theresa as a harmless entertainer — one who may bring countless people closure and a sense of peace.

But critics see her (and Tyler Henry, and other mediums) as scammers who cannot possibly be real and who prey upon the uncertainties in grieving people’s thoughts.

Theresa Caputo Image

We are of course not going to tell anyone what they should believe about Theresa or mediums in general.

We would point out that Theresa’s fans are often satisfied and even elated after receiving readings from her.

Even if you doubt the legitimacy of what she does, perhaps the therapeutic benefits of what she does outweigh the alleged deception, right?

No matter the criticisms, however, her show continues to go strong.

Season 14 is nearly upon us!