Kate Gosselin: Hannah and Collin Are Traitors! I Don't Want Them Back!

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While Jon Gosselin gushed over all of his sextuplets starting their first day of high school, Kate didn't make a big show on social media.

And while Jon made it clear that he loves and supports even the children who don't talk to him, it looks like Kate feels very differently.

In a new report, it's revealed that Kate isn't even trying to see Hannah or Collin. Maybe they're just dead to her.

Kate Gosselin on Air

RadarOnline reports that, according to Pennsylvania courthouse records, Kate hasn't made much of a peep since her December 2018 custody loss.

She's not trying to wrangle back custody of Collin or of Hannah.

According to an insider, Kate has been "relatively quiet" when it comes to matters of custody and the two children of hers who are Team Jon.

What's more, it seems like she's just cut off the son whose life she made a living hell for so many years.

"Kate has made no attempt to see or speak with Collin," the source reports.

That's for the best, but ... wow.

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror

Well what about Hannah, whom Kate at least never banished to a vague juvenlie facility to address even vaguer "special needs?"

"[She] rarely sees or talks with Hannah," the insider reveals.

"But," the source acknowledges. "They do have some contact."

To be clear, the insider says that “Jon allows her to go over anytime she wants."

"But," the source continues. "Kate never asks her to come."

Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of Freshman Year

Meanwhile, just days ago, Jon warmly wished that "all [of the sextuplets] have a wonderful year in high school."

He posed beside Hannah and beside Collin, but all eight of his children were on his mind.

Back in May, in an interview with HLN, Jon described the strained relationship with 75% of his children.

"I see them," Jon acknowledged.

He then admitted: "But I really don’t have any interaction with [them],”

Hannah Gosselin and Siblings

Six of the children may still be Team Kate, but fans shouldn't judge them too harshly.

Living in a house like that, most children will cope by automatically siding with the parent who controls every moment of their lives.

Now that Collin is no longer locked away, he can interact with his siblings after missing milestones and birthdays.

“Collin had one visitation with his siblings since he’s been back," Jon shared in May.

He wants to have more and, Jon promised: "We’re working on that."

The logistics of bringing a kid whose mom doesn't want to see him to see kids who don't want to see their dad ... that's complicated.

Jon Gosselin and Just 2 Kids

Also in May, Jon was asked about Kate's new reality TV venture, Kate Plus Date, where she tries to find someone capable of loving her.

"To each his own,” Jon said simply.

“I just work a normal job," he reminded the world.

Jon also pointed out: "I haven’t really been on reality TV in about 10 years."

"Although I do come to visit L.A. pretty often and New York," Jon noted. "But I kind of just stay out of the limelight as much as possible."

Kate Gosselin Plus Date with Joey at a Speakeasy

"I do DJ," Jon added. "But it doesn’t bring the limelight like it did 10 years ago. …"

That makes a lot of sense. A decade ago, Jon and Kate were two of the most well-known public figures in the English-speaking world.

But he says that he's totally fine with Kate's reality gig -- or, at least, powerless to stop her so there's no point in raising a fuss.

"If she chooses to do that, she chooses to do it," Jon concluded.

It's heartwarming that the Gosselin children -- all eight of them -- have a parent who genuinely loves them as the people they are, no matter their choices.

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