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Recently, Southern Charm fans were given the awful news that Kathryn Dennis’s mother passed away. She was only 59 years old.

Tributes and comforting words are pouring in from friends, castmates, and fans.

Most touching of all is the tender message left by Kathryn’s musician boyfriend, Hunter Price.

Kathryn Dennis and Hunter Price
Photo via Instagram

Last Wednesday, Allison Calhoun Dennis passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer.

Allison, and through her Kathryn, was a descendant of the United States’ seventh Vice President, John C. Calhoun.

59 is a profoundly young age at which to die.

Kathryn is of course grieving, as is the rest of her family. They have requested privacy as they cope with this terrible loss.

On Instagram, Kathryn paid tribute to her late mother with a single word: "Family."

Kathryn Dennis on Bravo
Photo via BRAVO

Kathryn’s boyfriend, Country singer Hunter Price, penned a beautiful comment as a tribute to Kathryn’s late mother.

"You’re the strongest, and most beautiful woman that I’ve ever been so lucky to love," Hunter gushed to Kathryn.

"Your mom will always be with you no matter what;" he affirmed.

Hunter concluded: "just as I know she’s always been."

That is sweet and touching without dragging on — perfectly appropriate for a public message on social media.

Hunter Price and Kathryn Dennis
Photo via Instagram

Hunter was not the only one close to Kathryn who reached out over Instagram.

Danni Baird is one of Kathryn’s besties, and she of course commented.

"Love you to pieces, Kat," Danni expressed. "Your mom is so proud of u."

The strikingly beautiful Naomie Olindo also weighed in.

"Sending you allllllll the love in the world," Naomie wrote. "KD I am so so sorry for your loss."

Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird, and Eliza Limehouse
Photo via Instagram

Allison played a major role in Kathryn’s life, even in recent years.

Not only was she her mother, but she acted as an additional caregiver for Kathryn’s children, Kensie and Saint.

This has proven vital during Kathryn’s heated, bitter custody dispute with her disgraced ex, Thomas Ravenel.

In retrospect, it’s a wonderful thing that she was able to do that for Kathryn.

It means precious memories for Kensie and Saint. Those important moments are now priceless.

Kathryn Dennis on Insta
Photo via Instagram

Kathryn Dennis is only 28 years old.

In fact, she just had her birthday last week — the day before her mother’s heartbreaking passing.

That is a distressingly young age at which to lose a parent.

Even if Kathryn were not going through a tumultuous time in her life right now, her mother’s passing would be hitting her hard.

It is a relief to know that she has so many friends and loved ones to support her as she tries to cope.

Based upon the comments from Hunter and others, it sounds like she’s in good hands.

Kathryn Dennis in a Fancy Hat
Photo via Instagram

At the risk of getting a little personal, here: f–k cancer.

Celebrities can seem out-of-touch at times. Certainly, Kathryn’s spending has at times made her seem to occupy a separate existence from the rest of us.

But cancer afflicts the mega-famous, reality stars, and ordinary peasants. It destroys families no matter their income.

(The only difference is how much medical debt the disease leaves in its wake, and whether someone can afford regular screenings)

Kathryn should know that she’s not alone. Our thoughts are with her and her family as they grapple with this awful loss.