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The Duggars have very strong views on the style of clothing that women should be permitted to wear below the waist.

And what does that have to do with this photo of Jana Duggar at the Tontitown Grape Festival?

Jana Duggar Photoshop Pic

Well, possibly nothing.

But if there’s any truth to the latest Duggar conspiracy theory, then this family is even more bonkers than we though.

Which is really saying something, because we already thought they were pretty damn crazy.

The Duggars obviously consider this to be a family-friendly event, which probably means it’s the only grape-related event in the world where you can’t get a decent glass of wine.

Jana Duggar on the Beach

Anyway, take a look at the women standing behind Jana and see if you notice anything unusual.

Well, if you’re anything like the folks in Jana’s comments, you might be led to believe those women have had skirts awkwardly photoshopped onto their bodies after someone decided they were dressed "immodestly."

The Duggar dress code is a strict one, so the women might have been wearing unusually short shorts — or they may have just been wearing shorts of a perfectly average cut and style.

The pic was first brought to our attention in a Facebook group dedicated to discussion of all things Duggar.

Jana In LA

"The Duggars are disgusting," wrote the user who posted (we think it’s safe to say she’s not a fan).

"They minimized and excused sexual assault and called it just the actions of a curious ‘child,’" she added, clearly referring to the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

"Apparently shorts on women are so horrible they felt the need to Photoshop skirts on two random women in the background of a picture of ‘precious’ Jana."

On Instagram, many of Jana’s followers echoed the sentiment:

Jana Duggar Instagram Photo

"Wow… altered this photo to make the girls behind you have modest clothing on…" wrote one fan.

"Noticed that too, it’s amazing how the standard for girls is ridiculously high while ‘boys will just be boys,’" another replied.

It’s hard to imagine anyone taking such drastic steps to ensure the modesty of a freakin’ county fair photo.

But if you look closely, it really does appear that something is amiss with those skirts.

Jana Duggar Sips Coffee

Like so many Duggar mini-scandals, the situation raises a whole slew of questions.

For starters, who did the retouching?

The pic appeared on Jana’s page — does that mean she’s responsible?

Also, wouldn’t it have been easier to just crop those women out of the pic completely?

And most importantly, how did no one notice the hero flipping the bird over Jana’s shoulder?!