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Earlier this month, Jeremy Roloff announced an exciting new venture. But he and Audrey have a lot of plans for their future.

They’re authors, they’re podcasters, they’re parents, and now they’re prepared to run a farm.

Does this mean that Jeremy Roloff is prepared to own and operate Roloff Farms?

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff in Utah
Photo via Instagram

In a recent post on Instagram, Jer shared a series of photos along with his enthusiam.

"I’m totally re-inspired to eat healthier, consistently exercise, and to buy a farm," Jeremy gushed in the caption.

"We spent this last week at the @youngliving convention in Salt Lake City," he revealed. "And it was awesome."

Jeremy added: "We got to meet more of Audreys @morethanoils team and other folks actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle."

"We truly are what we eat," he remarked. Sure.

"I’m super thankful Audrey has such a good group of women who all want to help each other," Jeremy wrote.

"Highlight for me," he admitted. "Was visiting the YL Mona farm."

"It was an absolutely beautiful property," Jeremy shared.

"And got my brain firing on all cylinders," he concluded. "With ideas and dreams for (hopefully) Roloff farms. "

That is some extremely exciting news!

But … why does Jeremy seem to be talking about buying a farm.

His parents have Roloff Farms. It’s where he grew up. Surely he wouldn’t have far to look for his own farm, right?

Fans and followers asked as much, and Jer explained the harsh realities to them.

Jeremy told one that it "costs money to buy Roloff Farm."

To another, he remarked that his parents’ farm is "very expensive."

It sounds like what Jeremy and Audrey have in mind isn’t quite the same thing as what Matt and Amy created before them.

Roloff Farms isn’t just a farm — it’s a massive territory designed to give multiple children plenty of room in which to play.

The family raises pumpkins to sell. Other pumpkins are turned into products, like Roloff Salsa.

Most significantly, Roloff Farms is a tourist destination, particularly for fans of the show.

It doesn’t sound like this is what Auj and Jer have in mind for their future.

Audrey and Jeremy Image
Photo via Instagram

Maybe things would be different if Jeremy felt that he could buy and maintain his parents’ massive farm.

But without those resources, he and Auj are looking at a much smaller farm.

It sounds like they have an interest in largely living off of food that they grow themselves, for health reasons.

It may be that Audrey has an interest in growing herbs that might be used in essential oils, though that is just a guess.

They’re talking about growing food for themselves. That’s on a much smaller scale than the land where Jeremy grew up.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff: Cheese!
Photo via Instagram

Not everyone has the physical ability, the resources, the space, the inclination, or the need to grow their own food.

Specialization is a wonderful feature of civilization. Without it, brain surgeons wouldn’t really exist.

But if this is what Auj and Jer want for themselves, more power to them.

We do wonder how soon in the future they intend to buy a farm.

After all, just because they want that life doesn’t necessarily mean that Ember Jean or Baby #2 will enjoy growing up that way.

Just look at Jacob Roloff and remember that not everybody is content living the same life.