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In the wake of Amber Portwood’s arrest for felony domestic violence, multiple relevant questions have been bantered about by fans.

Foremost among them?

Will the Teen Mom OG star get fired by MTV? We’ve even asked readers to vote on this topic in the following poll:

Based on what transpired on Thursday, however, it doesn’t appear as if Portwood is leaving the network any time soon.

In fact, it almost appears as if she’s set to become an even more prominent player.

As previously reported, Portwood attendeed a hearing yesterday in which she finally received a tiny bit of positive news: the no-contact order granted three weeks ago by a judge has been removed and she’s now permitted to spend time with her son.

Under professional supervision, that is.

(Elsewhere, the no-contact order against boyfriend Andrew Glennon remains in place; Amber cannot go near him.)

Portwood is next due in court on August 22, during which time the next step in Glennon’s request to obtain full custody of 14-month old James will be addressed.

Amber Portwood Talks Anxiety

Meanwhile, TMZ and other outlets have confirmed that MTV cameras were very much present and rolling outside of the Marion County courthouse when Portwood entered and exited on July 25.

Teen Mom OG co-stars Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Cheyenne Floyd were all on hand; along with Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley and his new wife, Kristina.

Were they there to offer support of their own free will?

Or were they basically ordered to fly in by show producers who wanted to capture footage for a future episode?

Nearly every sign points to the latter — which is understandable, we suppose, considering that Teen Mom chronicles the lives of these women and this is the main thing going on in Amber’s life right now.

But it’s also sort of icky, isn’t it? To turn Portwood’s very serious domestic assault charge and custody battle into fodder for a TV show?

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Amber, of course, was arrested for domestic battery on July 5 after Glennon contacted police and claimed she hit him with a shoe while he was holding their child.

She also allegedly wielded a machete during the incident and swallowed a bunch of pills prior to throwing them back up.

Insiders have alleged that Portwood will be fired by MTV if the machete part of this story ends up being true, especially considering her history of violence — and even her history of threatening to quit Teen Mom last year because she was annoyed at how she was portrayed on the series.

As for how her friends feel about these felony charges?

"There is always two sides to every story… u r only hearing one side sooo [peace] out I love you @AmberLPortwood I’m on my way to you now,” Catelynn wrote on Wednesday, garnering some backlash and then adding:

“I DO NOT condone abuse! I AM supporting a friend in need! That’s what friends are for.

"When I went through all my crazy mental illness stuff my friend helped, [she] supported me, and loved me!!! And I’m going to do the same!"

That’s a sweet sentiment, but:

Can you imagine the reaction if gender roles were reversed.

Can you imagine how folks would (rightfully) react if a male reality star were showing this sort of support for another male reality star accused of attacking his significant other?

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According to The Ashley, MTV really isn’t sure how to handle Amber’s ongoing legal drama.

“The girls were technically done filming for the season, but this is obviously such a big part of Amber’s current story, it has to be documented,” one source told this well-connected website, adding:

“What they do with the footage is still up in the air.”

Seems impossible to believe it won’t air, right?

Throughout all of this courtroom drama, meanwhile, Amber and Andrew are now battling over whether or not he cheated on her.

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