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Late last month, the gorgeous Shay Mitchell announced that she’s pregnant with her rainbow baby.

Fans rejoiced at the news, and threw heart eyes at their first-ever glimpse of her beautiful baby bump.

Now, Shay is treating her admirers to even more photos of her pregnant belly. Take a look!

Shay Mitchell Flaunts Baby Bump in a White Dress
Photo via Instagram

The stunning Pretty Little Liars alum shared this photo of herself wearing sharp sunglasses and a simple, perfectly fitted white dress.

"La Dolce Vita," Shay captioned the photo.

The photo stands out for more than just Shay’s perpetual drop-dead gorgeous looks.

The dress gives a clear outline of her spectacular baby bump.

That pregnant belly looks huge on her slender frame!

Photo via Instagram

Shay shared another, somewhat more subtle photo on Instagram.

Int his photo, she’s still sporting glasses while wearing a sheer maroon gown.

Her pose partially obscures her baby bump, but you can still see it.

"Is it too late to be in the Little Mermaid remake? I can be an extra," Shay offers in the caption.

"Regardless, thank you @positanoboats_tour for taking us around!" she writes.

Even this photo has well in excess of one million views — and the numbers keep going up and up.

Shay had already brought fans to a jaw-dropping standstill with her topless baby bump debut.

Here, Shay is sporting a pregnant belly and laying it bare to the world, using her arms to keep the photo appropriate for Instagram’s prudish sensibilities.

Anyone who could peel their eyes away from her glistening form to read the caption saw her joke about her pregnancy.

"Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the car pool lane at all times now?" Shay asked.

That’s probably not the intended use of said lanes, but society is remarkably chill about a lot of things when a pregnant woman is doing them.

Shay Mitchell at 2018 VMAs
Photo via Getty

Shay has been shattering the internet with her pregnant pics since she first made the announcement on June 28.

But that isn’t all that she’s been up to.

Shay is, of course, an actress – even though if professionally beautiful person were a job, she’d be a shoe-in.

She has been hard at work on a new series called Heiresses.

Shay is also working on another show, Dollface.

She’s a busy woman!

Photo via youTube

As we mentioned, this pregnancy is especially significant for Shay because this is her rainbow baby.

If you are not familiar, this term describes a baby born after a previous miscarriage of which the couple were aware.

Shay experienced a tragic miscarriage in 2018.

Now, she and her partner Matte Babel are expecting this child, who will be a double blessing upon their lives.

In the mean time, fans and followers can continue to watch Shay’s baby bump, as she is not being shy about showing it off.

We are overjoyed on behalf of this gorgeous and talented actress and on behalf of her partner.

Everyone is of course hoping that Shay will keep the sweet pics coming as her due date nears. Congratulations are certainly in order!