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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards made everyone’s day on Tuesday with a scathing Twitter rant about the cast’s drama.

The 29-tweet takedown saw Kyle spilling all the tea about her conflict with several cast members, and especially former costar Lisa Vanderpump.

But there was no way Lisa was going to take that lying down, and now she’s clapping back in response to Kyle’s tweet-storm.

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"It’s ironic, now I’m not so hurt I can be more objective," Lisa began, while discussing the drama with a fan on Thursday.

"If I wanted to hurt any of them, there were so many things going on," she said.

According to Lisa, the ammo she had against her former costars included "lawsuits, bankruptcies, shops failing, shows cancelled, loans in default, etc."

"I never said a word," the 58-year-old resterautuer recalled.

Maybe she didn’t then, but it seems like now Lisa is ready to put social graces aside and throw a little shade herself.

An Icy Look

Lisa did preserve a bit of class, opting not to go into specifics, but it’s pretty clear what she’s talking about.

The lawsuits Lisa mentioned must surely include the one against Kyle’s husband Mauricio.

Mauricio’s real estate company is accused of scamming someone out of $37 million, and it’s been a tender subject for Kyle.

Kyle Richards Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion

The failed shop is likely Kyle’s Beverly Hills store, Kyle by Alene Too, which closed down for good last year.

And the cancelled show is probably American Woman, another of Kyle’s projects, which was canned after just one season. 

It seems like most of Lisa’s shade is aimed at Kyle, even if she’s not exactly spelling it out for us.

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"Me on the other hand," Lisa continued, "I am a liar, coward, sniper, bad teeth, awful friend."

"Terrible wine, the list goes on… awful really," Lisa recalled, listing the many greivances her costars seem to have with her.

Honestly though, Kyle didn’t mention any of those things in her twitter rant.

Clearly Lisa has internalized some of the criticism she’s received from the cast elsewhere, and is choosing this moment to pop off about it.

But let’s not put words in Kyle’s mouth. She didn’t show up on twitter just to assassinate Lisa’s character.

As we can see from Kyle’s flurry of tweet’s, Lisa’s falling out with the cast is rooted in the now infamous dog drama between Lisa and Dorit Kemsley.

Long story short, Dorit adopted a dog from Lisa’s Vanderpump Dog Foundation, and it didn’t work out.

Instead of returning the dog to Lisa’s foundation, Dorit found a new owner for the dog, who in turn sent the dog to some other shelter.

This apparent betrayal caused bad blood between Dorit and Lisa, and grew into a conflict between Lisa and pretty much all the other housewives.

Kyle Richards Gears Up for a Shouting Match

Rather than coming at Lisa for her "bad teeth," Kyle accused her of "scheming about how to make your friend look bad."

According to Kyle, this scheming has become a pattern for Lisa, and that’s why none of the other housewives seem to like or trust her.

It’s so important to really listen to your friends when they say they have a problem with your actions, especially if it’s a pattern of repeated behaviors.

If your only response to criticism is to fixate on what names you’ve been called and shift the focus to someone else’s flaws, then you’re probably missing the point.

Lisa Vanderpump for Pride

Despite being ousted from the gang, Lisa seems to feel like she’s not missing out. 

"Glad I stepped away," she said in summation.

"Also pump rules has been amazing this year," she concluded, taking the opportunity to plug her own show.

Although Lisa won’t be on future seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Part 3 of the Reunion Special will air next week on Bravo.

Here’s hoping we’ll get to see Kyle stir up a little more chaos, be it on-screen or off.