Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Reveal Plans for Baby #2!

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Spencer Pratt has vowed revenge against those whom he felt "wronged him." But he and Heidi aren't focused on the negative.

Talking about Baby #2 is very much focusing on the positive, but when do they plan for this to go down?

To hear Heidi tell it, she fully expects to start trying to get pregnant as soon as possible. The clock is ticking, folks!

Speidi at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

On Thursday, July 25, Heidi Montag was in attendance at the Booby Tape USA Launch Party.

There, she revealed to Us Weekly that she and Spencer are already making plans to expand their family.

It's not just that they want a second child.

They apparently have a timeframe in mind for when they would like to start trying to conceive.

"Hopefully in a few months," Heidi reveals. "We’ll start trying"

Spencer Pratt Shrugs While Heidi Montag Beams

Heidi also gushed about little Gunner Stone, who will be two years old in just a couple of months.

"He’s starting to talk a lot more, which is really fun,” Heidi reveals.

Different babies develop linguistic skills at different ages and rates.

“He loves TV," Heidi notes. "Which is great for traveling and he’s running the sprints everywhere."

She brags: "[He’s] just a lot of fun.”

Contrary to some concerns about screen time and child development, TV in moderation can be wonderfully stimulating for children.

It's The Pratts!

It sounds like Gunner really does take after his parents -- and especially hi dad.

The adorable baby also “loves [playing with] crystals."

Heidi also shares that he enjoys being in the presence of the The Hills: New Beginnings camera crew.

"He loves an audience," she explains.

"He’s a great artist, actually," Heidi brags. "He loves painting, and he’s really great at the piano."

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in The Hills: New Beginnings Trailer

Spencer spoke just last month about what Heidi is like as a mother.

"Heidi was a very, very intense-attachment parent,” Spencer shared.

“I’m sure some would say extreme," he admitted. "But to me it was just being a super mom."

"To be honest, if it [wasn’t] for The Hills, I don’t know if she would have ever left Gunner’s side," Spencer confessed.

It turns out that Heidi wonders the same thing.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Brody Jenner Are Back!

This week, Heidi also acknowledged that the show "was actually a blessing in disguise."

Or just a blessing. They're getting money and reality stardom again. How many people get a second chance like that?

"It was nice because I wouldn’t have left [Gunner]," she admitted. "And I kind of needed a little encouragement and motivation to do that."

"It’s still really hard for me to leave him," Heidi shared.

Obviously, the most fun for me is being home and being with my son and I love being a mom,," Heidi emphasized.

"[But] at the same time, it’s good for both of us to go out sometimes," she points out very correctly.

Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and Baby Gunner

Honestly, hearing that Gunner likes crystals is almost too funny.

It's not surprising -- most humans like them -- but for Spencer, they were once a financially devastating addiction.

It's great to see these two with their lives more or less in order.

We wish them the best of luck in giving Gunner a younger sibling!

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