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Last week, we reported that Jay Smith is miserable and alone in ICE custody as he awaits his deportation hearing.

He’s been isolated with few visitors since July 3.

So has his GoFundMe money reached its goal? What is the cash going towards?

Jay Smith Looks Bewildered

After Jay’s arrest in early July, his friend, Kayla O’Brien, set up a GoFundMe on his behalf.

The account’s goal is to raise funds to hire Jay an immigration attorney to assist him while he is in custody.

This way, he can at least get his answers and a degree of freedom soon — and possibly fight to remain in the US.

The alternative, Jay’s friend fears, is that he may be forgotten in the system for months with zero freedom.

To that end, she’s been asking fans to open their hearts and their wallets to the tune of $5,0000. How is that going?

Jay Smith 17 July 2019 GoFundMe update

Out of that $5,000 goal, a whopping $4,125 has been raised by just 172 people in only 12 days.

That’s great for Jay.

And unless he actually needs all $5,000 and can’t use anything without meeting that goal, it should be enough to catch an attorney’s attention.

That’s good, because his deportation hearing is said to be today — July 17.

Jay Smith Mugshot

All things considered, given the nightmarish conditions faced by thousands of innocents in internment camps along the border, this is a sensitive topic.

ICE has never been less popular. And in the mean time, even Ashley is admittedly in tears over this being the way that Jay leaves the country.

She sought the PFA order (Protection From Abuse) on July 1 after Jay allegedly broke into her home during her vacation in June.

What she never expected was that Jay would immediately violate the order by discussing it on social medai.

She soon became aware that police were poised to arrest Jay. Jay turned himself in.

Ashley Martson Exposes GROSS Jay Smith Cheating Details

Following what may be Jay’s final arrest within the US, Ashley has been more forthcoming about some of the shocking troubles in their erstwhile marriage.

At one point, she acknowledged that there was "a lot of abuse" going on between them.

And then Jay appeared to be indirectly accused of rape after another 90 Day Fiance alum, Jon Walters, shared alleged text message screenshots.

Within those text messages, allegedly exchanged between Jay and Ashley, Ashley accuses Jay of injuring her and of spousal rape.

In the texts, Jay seems to express confusion that Ashley is upset. We need to once again emphasize that those texts have not been authenticated.

Jay Smith: Why Do You Do Everything on Camera?

The texts were released just after Jay’s GoFundMe was announced.

But since not everyone has seen them (or not everyone cares — there’s a lot of folks in this world), donations trickled in regardless.

Jay’s extremely loyal friend wrote on the GoFundMe that it is a "relief to know people are starting to see the truth of the matter."

All that she wants is for Jay to "come before a judge within a reasonable amount of time with the help of an attorney."

That’s better than sitting in limbo and then having to represent himself in court as a 21-year-old reality star-slash-tattoo artist.

Jay Smith Shares a Thirst Trap

Jay’s GoFundMe probably would have been filled up much, much faster if fans hadn’t just seen him screw up his own life with every other step.

Even if you don’t follow him in real life, you’ve seen him cheat on Ashley, worm his way back into her good graces, and cheat again.

Cheating is obviously not a cause for imprisonment or deportation, but it just made Jay a little less sympathetic to some folks … and to their wallets.

Our guess? Jay’s probably hired an attorney with the GoFundMe cash, but slightly less pricey than one he might have hired.

Having an expert come and speak on your behalf during such a crucial moment? Well, there’s no limit on the value of that.