Gary Shirley is Getting Crapped on for Supporting Amber Portwood

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Gary Shirley has gone from victim ... to the voice of reason.

Although there are clearly a whole bunch of social media users out there who disagree with this analysis.

ambs and gary

The ex-boyfriend of Amber Portwood has been in the news again these days because this Teen Mom OG cast member was arrested back on July 5 for domestic violence.

She's accused of attacking current boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a shoe and then even with a machete; both times when he was holding the couple's 14-month old son, James.

This is the same crime for which Amber was also arrested back in 2011 after she allegedly assaulted Shirley.

Amber ended up going to jail for 17 months after violating her probation from this case because she was caught with precscription pills.

Despite this very contentious history, Amber and Gary actually get along very well these days.

Gary Shirley at 2017 VMAs

Just how well?

So well that Shirley attended Portwood's July 25 court hearing during which she was awarded supervised visits with her young son.

He's also Tweeted support for Amber on multiple occasions, most recently this very Monday morning when Shirley wrote the following:

All I could ask is for is @AmberLPortwood to be happy & healthy.

She has all of my support when #TeenMomOG continues this Monday with a new episode at 9/8c on @MTV! #WATCH #WATCH #Watch!!!!

ap tweet

Portwood and Shirley are the parents of a 10-year old named Leah, with the latter having primary custody of this little girl.

And while we understand and even applaud Gary a little bit for standing up for the mother of his child ... we also understand those who are now criticizing Shirley for taking this stance.

Especially when it seems like he's using Amber's alleged assault as a way to promote tonight's new episode of Teen Mom OG.

Amber Portwood Mugshot (2019)

"All I ask if they amber learns a lesson," responded one user, adding in her Shirley clap back:

"Takes personal responsibility for what happens, mtv fires her because this is the 2nd documented time she’s been accused of DV, and people stop defending her. I think what her cast members did is disgusting and they need to be called out!"

Added another critic:

This tweet is all kinds of Yikes!

Using Ambers current psychosis and domestic violence charges as a way to promote tonight’s episode is the exact reason this show needs to be canceled or completely recast. 

anti amber

All of Amber's Teen Mom co-stars actually showed up at her hearing last week, while MTV cameras were on hand to document the proceedings.

It certainly does come across a little bit icky and gross that the network would go so far out of its way to film this hearing, considering filming is NOT actually underway at the moment.

It's the off-season, meaning producers treated this as an emergent reason to get everyone together and shoot scenes for the upcoming season.

Which we guess it was, right?

It's not everyday that a cast member gets hauled off to court, not since Jenelle Evans was fired at least.

We're also not saying it's necessarily wrong to support Portwood in a broad sense, but those doing so ought to ask themselves:

Would they ever show public support for a man accused of assaulting a woman?

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