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About one month ago, Fernanda Flores posted an massive 44-minute documentary explaining why her marriage to Jonathan Rivera came to an end.

She leveled some major accusations against him at the time.

Now, Fernanda has opened up further to fans. And this time, she has some words about Jonathan’s new girlfriend, too. …

Fernanda Has Concerns
Photo via TLC

First of all, fans want to know if she heard from Jonathan after she posted her video accusing him of money problems, drinking problems, and abuse.

"No he didn’t," Fernanda shares. "We don’t have contact at all."

She did note that his family reached out to her to ask that a photo of them that was featured in the video be removed.

Fernanda obliged their concerns, pulling the video, editing it, and then returning the new version.

"I totally get it," Fernanda explains.

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Naturally, since Jonathan has been flaunting his new lady love on social media, the topic came up.

Fernanda says that she doesn’t "really have an opinion."

That makes sense. They’ve never so much as met.

That said, Fernanda does admit that she’s surprised that this girl would willingly be  "with a married man."

Wait, what?

Jonathan Rivera Reveals His Girlfriend
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We were all under the impression that their divorce papers were taken care of earlier this summer.

"He said that he signed the divorce papers. Lie," Fernanda declares.

"He just filed for divorce," she adds. "And I just got the paperwork last week"

"How you don’t respect yourself as a woman?" Fernanda seems to ask Fernanda’s new girl.

"Divorce first and then, well see, right?" she suggests.

Jonathan Rivera at the Beach
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Fernanda offers an explanation for why, despite her youth, her looks, and her modeling work, she isn’t back in the dating game.

She reasons: "some people just go right away to relationships to feel good with themselves and say ‘look how happy I am.’"

"Other people heal by themselves, deal with the pain … and then move on," Fernanda states.

The implication here is that Fernanda is of that second variety, working on herself before she tries love again.

It also sounds like she’s caling Jonathan’s happiness shallow or performative.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera Tell All
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"The producers reached out to me when we separated," Fernanda reveals to her fans.

But, she notes, they also made contact with Jonathan.

"He answered them," Fernanda says. "He talked to them. He filmed with them. He [sold] his part of the story to them."

“The reason why I didn’t is because I got zero from the show," she explains. "I got no money from it."

"He did," she notes. "And I felt like that was really, really unfair because I came here without money."

Fernanda Flores Shares Her Truth
Photo via YouTube

"I didn’t want to be part of that anymore," Fernanda explains.

She’s not the first 90 Day Fiance star to want to take charge of her portrayal.

On the more positive and less dramatic side of things, it does sound like Fernanda is much happier these days.

She gushes that she "loves" living in Chicago.

"It’s really, really good and I’m happy," Fernanda assures her numerous fans. So sweet!