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Ekaterina Karaglanova, a well-known Russian Instagram influencer, was stabbed to death inside her Moscow apartment on Friday, multiple outlets have now confirmed.

She was just days from turning 25 years old.

Ekaterina Karaglanova
Photo via Instagram

The details of the case are especially gruesome.

According to The Independent, the travel and fashion blogger’s parents contacted her landlord after not having heard from their daughter for multiple days.

At this point, the landlord entered Karaglanova’s residence and discovered the 24-year old’s corpse.

The body was inside a suitcase in her apartment hallway.

Stab wounds were evident on her neck and chest, while local police say there were not signs of a struggle at the scene; a murder weapon has not be uncovered from the premises.

Karaglanova had recently graduated from medical school and had established over 92,000 followers at the time of her murder.

The social media personality was mostly beloved for her luxurious travel posts, where she posed in such locations as Italy, Austria and Spain.

Her final Instagram photo depicts Karaglanova lounging poolside in Corfu, Greece, detailing her love for traveling.

In addition to her globally popular Instagram account and separate travel blog, the Russian brunette was hoping to break into the field of dermatology.

Investigators are currently looking into the case, per Variety, citing jealousy from a former boyfriend as a possible motive behind the crime.

A suspect reportedly has been arrested, but not many other details have been released at this time.

According to police, however, CCTV footage captured an alleged ex-boyfriend entering Karaglanova’s building around the days of her disappearance.

This video shows him leaving with a suitcase and wearing gloves.

Ekaterina was also a former Miss Moscow first runner-up; she posted to her Instagram over 650 times through the years.

"I travel often, but in ever country I spend no more than 3-5 days," Karaglanova wrote on her official page on July 22, addinh:

"The longest journey of my life was in Israel with my family, when I was 14.

"We went to visit for a while month, covered the whole country. Now I prefer to travel very often, but briefly…The impressions of such short trips remain the brightest."


A spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Interior has released the following statement:

"As a result of operational search activities, the police officers at the Moscow Directorate of the MVD of Russia in Moscow established the location and arrested the suspect in the murder of a female social media personality in the apartment of a residential building on Pyryeva Street.

"He has now been brought in for questioning."

May Ekaterina Karaglanova rest in peace.