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Over the weekend, beloved Disney star Cameron Boyce died in his sleep after suffering  a devastating seizure.

Fans and friends are in mourning, but no one could feel this loss more keenly than his family.

Now his younger sister, 17-year-old Maya Boyce, is speaking out about her brother’s tragic passing.

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"Yes, he died. Yes, I’m sad," Maya’s beautiful tribute begins.

She affirms that "Cameron was my best friend."

"He is someone I will always idolize," Maya gushes.

"His smile could light up a room, unlike anyone else’s," she notes.

Simply put, Maya writes: "He was perfect."

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"He always said that if you have a voice," Maya recalls. "You have the privilege of using that voice for change."

And he did. His advocacy for good causes earned both praise and mourning from Michelle Obama.

"And," Maya continues. "He did not take that idea lightly."

"He understood his responsibility as someone so many kids would look up to,” she adds.

Maya praises: "Cameron always went out of his way to be giving and kind."

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"He did more with his 20 years of life," Maya asserts. "Than most people ever could with 100 years."

You know what? We don’t doubt it.

"He was actively charitable," Maya explains. "He traveled the world."

"He made creativity and art his life’s mission," she says of her older brother. "And he encouraged others to do the same."

That is beautiful and inspirational.

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Maya acknowledges: "Of course, I am devastated."

"I will be for the rest of my life," she affirms.

Anyone who has ever lost a sibling knows how true those words can be.

"But," Maya writes. "What I’m holding onto, and what I encourage you to hold onto as well, is the memory of his endless optimism."

"He was sunlight wearing shoes," she characterizes.

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Sadness, she explains, does not mean that she — or her family — want to see everyone moping.

In fact, Cameron wouldn’t want that, either.

"I can confidently say: he wants us to celebrate, grow, and persevere," Maya tells anyone reading.

"Yes, he died," she repeats. "And yes, I’m sad."

"I’m also happy," Maya adds. "And grateful."

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"I was with him hours before he died," Maya reveals to the world.

She characterizes the encounter: "It was normal and fun."

"We said ‘I love you,’" Maya recalls.

She adds: "He was happy."

We don’t doubt that for a single moment.

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"I spent 17 years knowing what it was like to be loved by Cameron Boyce," Maya expresses.

Her powerful tribute concludes: "That is the most beautiful gift I have ever received."

That is an incredibly evocative tribute to her late brother.

It also offers the entire world a glimpse into their beautiful sibling dynamic.

Clearly, Cameron was not the only one who had a bright, loving soul or who could inspire kindness in others.

Maya may feel that her brother left some big shoes to fill, but she’s clearly inspirational in her own right.

Our thoughts and best wishes continue to be with Cameron’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.