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Anne Hathaway has once again experienced a miracle.

Of modern science, that is.

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On Wednesday evening, the Oscar-winning actress announced she is expecting her second child with husband of nearly seven years, Adam Shulman.

The couple became first-time parents in 2016 to now-three-year-old son, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman.

While confirming her blessed baby news, the superstar also expressed some special support for women facing fertility struggles, opening up about an issue both very personal and at times awfully painful.

"It’s not for a movie…⁣⁣ #2," Hathaway wrote as a caption to the sweet image below, making it clear she was not in costume for any sort of role.

She then added:

⁣All kidding aside, for everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies. Sending you extra love.

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Hathaway and Shulman began dating way back in 2008.

They got married tied in September of 2012 in Big Sur, California — and they’ve made it a point to keep their child very far away from the glare of Hollywood.

“I had never posted a photo of my son, and I decided to post a shot of the back of his head [in March 2017], and almost as soon as I’d done it, I wished that I hadn’t,” Hathaway explained told Jezebel later that year, continuing at the time:

“I felt like I had broken some kind of a seal in inviting people into my life.

"And even though I felt as though I had done it in as protective a way as I could, even though it was a moment I was incredibly proud of, I don’t know that I’ll ever do it again.”

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Hathaway earned an Oscar for her supporting role in Les Miserables and then earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just this past May.

She rarely talks about her marriage or her son, but previously spoke to The Sunday Times about how she has evolved as a person and a mother:

‘"I’m not perfect, but if I’m frustrated or distracted, I’m good at making sure he’s safe and walking away, calming down and then coming back to him."

The star said "telling that harsh voice to be quiet" is one of the difficulties of motherhood:

"I fall short every day, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I’m going to learn from it."

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Hathaway has not yet divulged her due date nor the gender of her impending child.

But we send her our very best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and applaud her for addressing the subject of fertility problems.

Congratulations to her and Shulman!!!!!!!