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Back in June, Jim Bob Duggar’s beloved mother Mary Duggar passed away unexpectedly.

Mary was 78 years old, but she did not die from natural causes, as many initially assumed.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Mourns Grandma Mary Duggar
Photo via Instagram

it was later revealed that Mary Duggar drowned in an incident that still remains mysterious to the public.

Obviously, the family is entitled to its privacy at such a difficult time, but considering how much the Duggars have shared with the world, it comes as little surprise that they’ve been bombarded with questions in the months following Mary’s death.

Chief among those queries is — how are Mary’s many grandchildren holding up in the wake of her grisly demise?

When it comes to such sensitive matters, it often falls to Amy Duggar — the most outspoken member of her famous family — to clear the air:

Photo via Instagram

Amy posted the above pic on Instagram this week, along with a caption reading:

"New body & our new @3130clothing space under construction 30 weeks and bumpin right along!

"The wall to my right is going up, and the wall to my left is coming down!"

Yes, Amy Duggar is opening a clothing store.

We’re sure Jim Bob is thrilled. What if she sells pants for women?!

Amy Duggar, Baby Bump at 19 Weeks
Photo via Instagram

Anyway, as much as fans appreciated the update on Amy’s pregnancy and latest business venture, but it was an exchange in the comments that’s attracted the most attention.

As In Touch Weekly points out, Amy gave an enlightening response to a fan who offered praise:

“[Can’t] believe your [sic] 30 weeks already … it flew by,” the follower wrote.

“It’s crazy to think that Dax will be here in Oct!!” Amy answered, which led the fan to reply:

Amy Duggar Is a *Cool* Mom
Photo via Instagram

“You will be great parents … he will be a welcome addition to the family especially all stress you have been through the past few months … you deserve all the luck and love God can give.”

It was then that Amy provided an insight into her grieving process:

“It has been one of the hardest seasons, and I think about her every single day!" she wrote.

"She taught me so much … I’m thankful for this little life and all the fun we are going to have! Thank you!!"

Amy and Marry Duggar
Photo via Instagram

Mary was beloved by all of the Duggars, but it seems she and Amy were particularly close:

“It breaks my heart to write this,” Amy wrote on social media following her grandmother’s passing.

“My best friend passed away yesterday afternoon. Jesus sure took home a treasure.

"I’m at a loss for words, shaking as I even type this out. I loved her so much. She helped raise me, we did everything together.

Obviously, this is a tremendously difficult time for Amy.

We won’t offer up any cliches about the circle of life, but hopefully, she can take solace in how proud Mary would be of Amy’s growing family.