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Weeks ahead of her forecasted delivery date, Amy Duggar has dropped yet another baby bombshell on Duggar Nation.

While this popular family breaks one giant piece of pregnancy news after another, Amy and husband Dillon have made it clear they’re just too anxious and excited to keep one juicy tidbit about their impending child a secret.

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They simply had to come out this weekend and make the reveal.

They had to alert all followers to their son’s first and middle name!

"Baby K has a name!!!" Amy wrote as a caption yesterday to the following image, adding:

Baby Dax we cannot wait to meet you!! You already bring so much joy into our lives!! We love you so much Daxton Ryan!

So there you have it: Daxton. But it sounds like the young man will go by the nickname Dax.

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Amy has entered her third trimester and is clearly trying to make the most out of her pregnancy.

She waited all the way until the age of 32 to start her family — which is perfectly "normal" and would not be noteworthy at all if she were a member of any other family.

As a native Duggar, however, she might as well be 92, you know? She’s downright ancient when compared to the ages at which other loved ones have first gotten pregnant.

Amy and Dillon got married in Arkansas in of 2015 and announced they were expecting their this past April, initially sharing the news with People Magazine.

This is what they told the publication at the time…

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“We are completely speechless, overly excited and ready for the next chapter as new parents! I’m over the moon about becoming a momma! I just can’t hardly wait.

"I’m over the moon about becoming a momma! I just can’t hardly wait."

Ever since making this announcement, Amy has been sharing one baby bump photo after another online with her supporters.

Here, for example, is a snapshot of the star at 19 weeks.

But nothing may ever beat the image she also shared this weekend of just herself, her face — and that precious belly!

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Aside from becoming a mother in the very near future, King is also busy with her Springdale, Arkansas business 3130 Clothing.

Earlier this month, she announced her brand was expanding to include home goods.

“We are taking 2,000 square feet more and we’re gonna be adding home goods, and all kinds of new clothing, a whole wall devoted to our curvy section, all of our girls," King shared in a July 1 Instagram video.

"We’re gonna have a coffee bar, we’re gonna make this place be amazing!”

She then wrote in a caption to this footage:

"Completely floored by the love and support we have received!! Our customers are simply the best.

"We want this new space to be so inviting for womens groups, fundraising opportunities, fun exclusive shop nights, and to shine a light in NWA!"

As you can see above, meanwhile, Amy is just one of several Duggar women expecting a child later this year or early next year.

And we’re not kidding, either. We mean several.