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Wendy Williams has been enjoying her extended hiatus from her show and celebrating life while dating a "very sexy" new boy toy.

But after she shared photos of herself having a good time, her old archenemy reared his ugly head.

50 Cent body-shamed her in front of the whole world. Take a look:

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"How you doin’, New York?" Wendy Williams asked in her Instagram captions.

June was Pride Month, and Wendy — in addition to having scores of LGBTQ+ friends and acquaintances, is a bit of an icon.

She rode in the Pepsi float for New York City Pride, and she showed off the photos.

"I’m blown away by the energy and the love in this city right now!" Wendy gushed.

She wished her followers a very "Happy World Pride!"

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50 Cent shared Wendy’s photo on his own Instagram, and it was not to hand out compliments. 

"This bitch skipped leg day for 20 years," 50 Cent captioned.

Some have speculated that Wendy’s slender limbs may be the result of Graves Disease.

Others suggest a simpler explanation: she’s a woman who hosts a talk show for a living, and she keeps herself slender as a result.

Regardless of the reason for her body’s shape, there is of course no excuse for 50 Cent’s vicious body-shaming attack.

Her body exists to ferry her around, not to please 50 Cent’s eyes or meet someone else’s imaginary standards.

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50 Cent got called out in the comments under his own post.

"This is body shaming and is actually so gross," one fan correctly scolded him.

The comment then excoriated 50 Cent with a few simple words: "Cheap by name, cheap by reputation."

Get it? Because his name is 50 Cent?

Clearly, the comment got under his skin, as he wrote back: "Get the f–k off my page!"

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Others took to the comments to put 50 Cent on blast.

"Wendy is unbothered. Let her live," wrote another. "It’s not funny anymore."

"This is so low," pointed out another comment. "Shame on you."

"Why did he just come at her for no reason?" questioned an Instagram user.

"So mean," observed another.

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However, not everyone was Team Wendy.

Some jumped in to body-shame her because they thought that it was "funny."

Others did so because they wanted to get 50 Cent’s attention.

But others pointed out that Wendy Williams is the last person who deserves defending against public shaming.

"Don’t understand why people defend and protect her from being dragged," laments one comment. "And all she does is drag people."

According to that commenter: "she’s gotta eat what she’s serving."

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As some of those comments implied, 50 Cent has a long history of verbally attacking, and specifically body-shaming, Wendy Williams.

Usually, what happens is that he takes a cheap shot at her on social media.

Next, she claps back on her show. The circle of life goes on.

Most people figure that 50 Cent wants to remind people that he exists.

Other think he’s not that bright and just speaks without a filter or common sense, like when he victim-blamed Terry Crews.

Of course, right now, Wendy’s show is on hiatus until July 8. We’re not sure when he expects her to "reward" him by speaking his name on TV.