Taylor Selfridge Slams Cheyenne Floyd: Your Baby Daddy Loooves Me, Bish!

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Cheyenne Floyd has only been a member of the Teen Mom OG cast for one season.

But her propensity for intense feuds and endless drama have helped her to fit right in with the rest of the Moms.

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

A new season of TMOG premieres next week, and a recent preview clip that aired on MTV is already creating unrest on social media.

In the trailer, Cheyenne can be heard briefly remarking on the relationship between her baby daddy, Cory Wharton, and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge.

Floyd's commentary is limited to a half-second clip in which she tells Wharton that he can "do better."

But that's all it took to ignite rumors of a new feud between Cheyenne and Taylor.

Taylor Selfridge and Cheyenne Floyd

Now, Selfridge is opening up about Floyd's shade in a new interview with Radar Online.

“Obviously it doesn’t feel good to hear that she said that about me,” Taylor tells the site.

She adds that as much as she was displeased by Cheyenne's remark, she's ultimately not terribly bothered by it:

“Cory is the only person that knows me in and out,” she says.

Taylor Selfridge and Cory

"That’s fine if everyone else thinks he can do better,” Taylor remarks.

“But it’s about what he thinks, not everyone else.”

It sounds like Taylor has the right attitude -- and it seems that she's developed a thick skin during her time in the spotlight:

“I’m used to people talking about me negatively so I don’t lose sleep over it anymore," she says.

Taylor Selfridge

Taylor adds that she wasn't terribly taken aback by Cheyenne's comments, as she's been beefing with Cory's baby mama for over a year.

“There was tension with Cheyenne and I at the beginning of Cory and I’s relationship,” she tells Radar.

“We had been on and off for a year before we made things public and there was definitely drama during that time."

Selfridge adds that she empathizes with Cheyenne's frustrations and harbors no ill will toward her boyfriend's baby mama:

With Their Daughter

“So, for me I can understand why Cheyenne wasn’t a fan of it at the beginning," Taylor says.

“She wanted to know we were going to be serious about each other before she wanted me around Ryder."

Despite some obvious tension early on, it seems Taylor and Cheyenne are on friendly terms with one another these days:

“I don’t hold anything against Cheyenne and I don’t think she holds anything against me now," Selfridge claims.

Cory Wharton and Family

"We’re all in a good place with our relationships and happy."

She adds that her primary concern is for Cheyenne and Cory's daughter, saying:

"Ryder is the most important and all that matters is that she’s surrounded by love."

Well, it sounds like there won't be many shots fired on that front.

We guess fans better hope that newcomer Mackenzie McKee can deliver the drama, otherwise, we might be in for one seriously dull season!

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