Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: Is Their Nanny Being Forced to Keep Quiet?!

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It's been six weeks since Meghan Markle welcomed her first child.

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, the British tabloid press is obsessing over every detail of baby Archie's daily routine.

Meghan Markle and Her Newborn

Of course, the royal family is generally pretty protective of their privacy, and Harry and Meghan are even more secretive than most, so that information has not been easy to come by.

Not surprisingly, these conflicting agendas have resulted in some thorny scenarios:

The media will do anything within its power to gather information about Harry and Meghan's baby, and for obvious reasons, Harry and Meghan are eager to prevent them from doing so.

Baby Sussex

And so, action has been taken to ensure that Archie grows up with at least some semblance of privacy and normalcy.

“I’ve heard from very reliable sources that the new nanny who has been appointed by the Sussexes has had to sign quite an extensive non-disclosure agreement,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight this week.

A smart and necessary move -- but naturally, no NDA in the world can stop the flow of information when it comes to a couple as heavily-scrutinized as Harry and Meg:

“Meghan’s been up in the night nursing, feeding on demand every few hours,” Nicholl said.

Walking Away... Together

“Apparently he’s a hungry little baby.”

As for Meg herself, Nicholl says the new mom has been taking it easy and “being gentle to herself”:

“Meghan hasn’t been hitting the gym — she hasn’t been in any hurry to get back into shape,” Nicholl said of Meg's routine.

“No hard training. No weights. She’s enjoying this time — she’s being gentle to herself.”

A Royal Creation

Yes, the media might be thirsty for something salacious, but it sounds as though Meghan and Harry are living the typical lifestyle of new parents:

They're spending a lot of time at home, sleeping when they can, and doting on their new little bundle of joy every chance they get.

We guess that means it'll be quite some time before  Meghan's rumored friendship with Rihanna results in any late night clubbing.

But something tells us the Duchess of Sussex is finding plenty of happiness at home these days.

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