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The cast of Sister Wives is back on camera as filming begins on the new season.

This is welcome news for fans of the series (who miss the drama), as well as the Browns themselves (who really need that TLC paycheck right about now).

But one thing you won’t see in the new season is the hilarious baby bump photo that Maddie Brown just revealed on her Instagram Story.

The 23-year-old Sister Wives star is now in her third trimester, and wow does it show! 

Maddie took the selfie from an unusual angle that puts her huge baby bump front and center. She really wants us to know she’s far along.

And it’s not just the baby who’s almost ready. We can tell Maddie’s ready to get this over with too.

If the nonplussed look on her face doesn’t tell you this girl is over it, she spells it out in the caption.

"I am about 98% done mentally with being pregnant," Maddie writes.

Maddie fittingly included a smiley face with a sweat drop emoji, usually used to signify a mixture of relief and discomfort.

Maddie Brown Baby Bump
Photo via Instagram

Maddie’s first child, two-year-old Axel, seems to be entertaining himself on the couch in the background. 

Meanwhile, Maddie’s husband Caleb Brush sits nearby, apparently taking a phone call, keeping an eye on Axel, and generally being too busy to be in this photo right now.

This is not Maddie’s first baby bump photo. It’s not really her cutest, either. But it might be her realest!

We all know pregancy isn’t always graceful or glamorous. It can also be messy, chaotic, even dangerous.

And it can make everday tasks an exhausting challenge.

It’s refreshing that Maddie chose to share this candid, genuine, slightly stress-inducing moment with us.

Photo via Instagram

All that said, Maddie looks happy, healthy, and positvely glowing in plenty other pregancy photos, and we know she’s really excited to meet the new baby.

"This pregnancy feels less real for some reason," Maddie told Us Weekly in January.

"But I’m still over the moon," she added.

Of course it’s been a while since that first announcement in January.

We’re betting the situation feels a lot more real now that she’s sporting that baby bump.

Maddie Brown is Bumpin
Photo via Instagram

Despite being "98% done mentally," Maddie still has some time to prepare before the big day — her new baby isn’t due until August.

We can’t be sure if Maddie and Caleb have picked out a name yet, but we learned back in April that the two will be expecting a baby girl.

The couple posed together on Instagram, where they made the announcement publicly. Caleb was shocked to learn he would be having a daughter.

He was reportedly so surprised by the news that he made the ultrasound tech check three times, just to be sure.

"I just had it in my head it would be a boy," Caleb said in a statement to People.

Photo via Instagram

It almost sounds like he’s a little disappointed, but both Caleb and Maddie have said they are excited to be welcoming a girl into the family. 

One person who’s definitely not disappointed? Maddie’s mother, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown.

"My mom was so excited and shocked, she got a little teared up," Maddie told People.

"Something about a girl I guess," she concluded.

We’ll likely see plenty more of Maddie’s baby bump between now and the due date.

And hopefully, we’ll catch a glimpse of Janelle’s future granddaughter on the next season of Sister Wives.