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It’s been a rough week for Lindsay Lohan.

Sure that’s probably been the case just about every week since 2011 or so, but these few days have been especially trying for the actress-turned-wannabe-reality-star.

Lindsay as a Boss

Proving that the world has officially lost interest in her freckled shenanigans, Page Six is reporting today that Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club has been canceled by MTV after just one season.

No doubt it’s a major blow to Lindsay, who likely regarded the project as her best chance at returning to relevance.

(LiLo is as delusional as they come, but even she must be starting to realize her dream of starring in a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid will never, ever come to fruition.

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The cancelation probably comes as a disappointment to MTV, as well.

While Beach Club‘s shoestring budget was evident in its shoddy production values, the network threw all of its promotional muscle into making the show a hit.

And at first, the efforts paid off.

Beach Club premiered in January to decent ratings, but those numbers declined rapidly when viewers realized what they were getting — a half-assed Vanderpump Rules knockoff with Lindsay bafflingly cast in the role of older, wiser mentor/mogul, a la Lisa Vanderpump.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Cast

People want to see Lindsay partying and generally being a mess, not dispensing life advice to a group of interchangeable twentysomethings.

Despite all of that, Lindsay’s dwindling clout might have been enough to earn her a second season, were it not for one pesky detail:

It seems Lohan Beach Club in Mykonos has closed its doors for good.

“A friend had reservations this week, and the club just called and said that they will not be opening this season," a source tells Page Six.

Lindsay on the Beach

Another recently-returned vacationer confirmed that the club appeared to be closed during their time in Greece, and Mykonos residents seemed to have adopted a "good riddance" attitude.

“The locals said it was a waste [of time to go],” the tipster recalls.

“They advertised being open for [the] summer season, specifically late May. We drove past and it’s literally [deserted] … The Lohan sign is stripped off," a third traveler wrote on Facebook.

Insiders say multiple plans to tinker with the show and revive it for a second season were ultimately scrapped.

Lindsay in Greece

“There was a renewal idea that producers hoped would perk it up for a second season,” says a source close to the production.

“It would be turned into a show about Lindsay and [her mother] Dina and [sister] Ali, [but] that wasn’t going to happen.”

The insider adds that the cast of beach club employees simply failed to deliver the fireworks execs had hoped for:

“They wanted ‘breakdowns.’ That’s not where [Lohan] is at with her life anymore," the informant claims.

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"Their personal business doesn’t need to be aired on television; it’s already in the papers anyway.”

Clearly, a show focused on the famously troubled Lohan family would have had a much easier time finding an audience.

But it seems that’s not the image that LiLo is looking to project these days.

In any event, Beach Club is officially a thing of the past now, as a rep for Lohan confirmed that “she is not doing another season."

RIP to one of the worst reality shows in history.