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Mama June Shannon, simply put, is in grave danger.

And those close to this veteran reality star aren’t sure what to do about it.

June Kises Geno

As we’ve documented for several weeks now, Shannon continues to date Geno Doak.

It doesn’t matter that she got busted for cocaine possession alongside Doak in March… or that Doak allegedly threatened her life… or that her boyfriend is, by all account, a cheater and a drunk.

Nope. None of that matters.

Shannon has reportedly been ignoring the pleas of loved ones to leave Doak and is standing by her man despite mounting obstacles and overwhelming evidence that he royally sucks as a human being.

Geno Doak with June
Photo via TLC

According to Celebrity Insider, the Shannons fear the worst right now.

They worry that June is headed down a dangerous path and they believe Doak has locked June in a “mental prison.”

This is hard to argue, isn’t it? Let’s consider some of the recent evidence:

In mid-April, a report surfaced that closely detailed how Doak has been sending text messages to another woman, trying to woo her into his bed and even sending her pictures of his penis.

The Blast has obtained some of these lewd messages and even spoke to the woman, who alleges that she never slept with Shannon.

But this wasn’t due to a lack of trying on Doak’s part, she says.

Geno Doak with Mama
Photo via WeTV

Doak was also arrested a month before this on a charge of domestic violence.

Per various reports at the time, he and June engaged in a loud shouting match while sitting in an Alabama gas station.

The fight prompted someone to call 911 — and when the police arrived on the scene, they took Shannon into custody because she had drugs on her person and Doak into custody because he at least verbally assaulted his girlfriend.

Despite a judge ordering June to stay away from Geno, the two were spotted at a casino the very next day.

Like someone said above: mental prison, right?

June Shannon Wants a Kiss
Photo via WeTV

Honey Boo Boo certainly believes this.

Out of concern for June’s safety, but also her own, the 13-year old is currently living with her older sister and is refusing to move back in with her mom — until she breaks up with Doak.

Sadly, this split does not appear to be on the horizon.

Not even after THIS happen a short while ago:

Yes, this is a video of Geno driving his truck into June’s house, dropping his pants and being SO wasted that he can barely stand up on his own.

Looks like you’ve chosen a real winner there, June.

TMZ, meanwhile, reports that the family also believes Doak has been spreading lies about them to keep June away.

This includes telling Shannon that her relatives are making moves against her in some abstract way.

Where will all this end? We have no idea. But we’re scared here for June, for her kids and for anyone in arm’s distance of Geno Doak.

The guy is a long-time criminal and just a really bad dude all around.