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June Shannon and her gross boyfriend Geno Doak had been living in hotels and even a casino during this latest crisis.

But now, Mama June has returned home — to an otherwise empty nest.

Her famous daughter, Alana, is refusing to come home. She says she won’t return to the house while Geno is there.

June Shannon and Honey Boo Boo, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere
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In August of 2018, Honey Boo Boo turned 13. Wild that she’s a teenager, now.

She fled the house after June and Geno’s crack cocaine arrests, but she’s not old enough to live on her own.

Instead, she’s been living with Pumpkin, her sister.

That was for the best, because June spent time living in various rented rooms with Geno.

But now that she’s come home, Alana isn’t budging.

The Boo
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TMZ reports that Alana Thompson will not return to her mother’s home under present circumstances.

She’d like to return home, and she loves her mother a lot.

But there’s a roadblock preventing that sweet reunion, and his name is Geno Doak.

Sources tell TMZ that as long as Geno is still hanging around the Shannon residence, Alana wouldn’t feel safe being there.

What Alana would like is for her troubled mother to give her useless cheating boyfriend the boot — and then take herself to rehab.

Geno Doak with Mama
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There’s more than just Geno’s arrest for crack cocaine and domestic violence that has Alana justifiably concerned.

Just days ago, we all saw that harrowing video in which Geno crashed his car into June’s house and emerged mostly naked.

The aftermath was filmed by a neighbor, who observed June as she tried and failed to usher Geno into the house.

"Honey Boo Boo’s mama [has] got on a damn see-through gown," the neighbor’s voice can be heard observing.

Eventually, June had to get help to move her useless lump of a boyfriend into the house.

June Kises Geno

Alana is still a minor, and some fans worry that her boycott will backfire — and that June will just try to force her to come home.

But TMZ‘s sources tell them that Pumpkin is prepared to fight to keep her sister safe from the chaos, the drugs, the drama, and worse.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon is reportedly willing to take her mom to court to keep Alana out of that maelstrom.

She’ll do it even if it means obtaining legal custody of her own sister.

The bittersweet news is that June, as of yet, hasn’t expressed any real interest in bringing Alana back home.

June Shannon Wants a Kiss
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Maybe that’s good news — that on some level, June knows that Alana is better off with Pumpkin than being around Geno (or her, at the moment).

Maybe it’s bad news, because June is just too wrapped up in Geno’s apparently irresistible charms to care about her actual family.

After all, that bizarre obsession is what made June refuse to listen at her own intervention.

Her own daughter begged her to get help out of fear that she might die, but June adamantly refused any inpatient treatment.

June Shannon Looks Odd
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Pumpkin had to explain to viewers what was stopping June: fear.

June worried that if she couldn’t watch Geno for every minute, he would cheat on her (some more), or maybe even leave her.

Obviously, no man who would cheat in the first place is worth risking your life just to supervise, but that’s what June is doing.

And it may cost her months or even years with her daughter.

This is an all-around pitiful situation.