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Jim Edmonds snagged an endless array of fly balls smashed deep into centerfield during his very impressive baseball career.

But the former Major League baller swears he never snagged Jennifer McFelia Villegas in the way in which she’s claiming.

Confused? Let us bring you up to scandalous speed.

two edmonds

Earlier this month, a report on stated that Edmonds cheated on his wife – former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan – last spring.

This allegation on its own would be disturbing enough, of course.

But Meghan was pregnant with the couple’s twins at the time and the report detailed lewd behavior on Edmonds’ part that went way beyond inappropriate boinking.

To wit:

Jim allegedly went out of his to contact this other woman years after he cheated on his previous wife with her.

Jim met her to have sex during road trips back when he was working as a broadcaster.

Jim allegedly sent her photos of his penis.

Jim allegedly sent her a video of him masturbating ON THE SAME DAY HIS WIFE GAVE BIRTH TO THEIR AFOREMENTIONED TWINS.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan Edwards Image
Photo via Instagram

For the record, Edmonds has denied actually having had a physical affair with the other woman.

But he has admitted to using very poor judgment in sending her some X-rated text messages.

How does Jennifer McFelia Villegas feel about his response?

That question is important because Jennifer McFelia Villegas has outed herself as the mistress with whom Jim did all his cheating.

“I want to make a few things very clear — I never set anyone up, blackmailed anyone nor have I attempted to ruin anyone’s family," she told AllAbouttheTea, adding in further detail:

"All my relationships have involved two consenting adults. I made a poor decision to enter a relationship with a married man, and for that I am sorry.

"I am no saint. My past includes two DUIs and for that I am deeply remorseful and I’ve learned from my mistakes.

"My life today is completely devoted to my relationship with God and my daughter.”

Here is a photo of Villegas with Edmonds:

Photo via Instagram

According to Us Weekly, meanwhile, the now-ex-wife of a different professional baseball player says Villegas made a point to contact her then-husband and may have also had an affair with him.

“This is not just a jersey chaser who is impressed by a potential big name athlete and wants to sleep with him," this unnamed woman tells the tabloid of Villegas, adding:

"It was a whole mastermind manipulation scheme.”

Other soures confirm this claim and say that Villegas has made a living/hobby/pastime out of trying to sleep with various athlets.

In 2016, four years after a drunk driving arrest, Villegas was accused of leaving “her infant daughter in her car … with no supervision,” according to court documents obtained by Us Weekly.

Meghan King Edmonds and Husband
Photo via Instagram

Jim and Meghan got married in October of 2014.

They’re the parents of two-year-old Aspen and 12-month-old twins Hayes and Hart.

The former Bravo personality penned a lengthy post about Jim’s scandal on June 14, admitting she could no longer “trust” her husband of nearly five years.

“I’m a simple girl. I wanted a solid marriage. I’m as loyal as they come and I wanted the vows we made when we exchanged our rings to be acted upon. Now my wedding ring symbolizes fraud,” she wrote, continuing as follows:

“Marriage is hard, we’ve been through our ups and downs, I’ve talked about it openly. A relationship takes two but it doesn’t take two to cheat.”

Meghan King Edmonds, Family
Photo via Instagram

And then she concluded, clearly heartbroken:

“Marriage is a choice on the bad days. And on the good days marriage is easy and beautiful. No one said it would be easy, I just didn’t think it would be this hard.”

Meghan also spoke to Us Weekly after Villegas was identified, telling the publication:

“I only blame my husband for his actions: he made the choice to betray my trust and jeopardize our marriage.

His recklessness also allowed this woman to profit from my heartbreak.

But now that her name is out there, she won’t be able to shake down any other families as I rebuild mine.