Rose Hanbury: Did She Make Up, Spread Prince William Cheating Rumors?!

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For weeks now, we've been hearing rumors that Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton with one of the duchess' closest friends.

Such rumors have popped up persistently during Will and Kate's time together, but this time, they seemed to have far more credence than usual.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Still Together!

For one thing, in an almost unprecedented move, William attempted to bury the rumors by siccing his lawyers on various media outlets.

Of course, his actions had the unintended effect of attracting even more attention.

As a result, reports that William slept with Rose Hanbury while his own wife was pregnant have proven to carry remarkable staying power.

It was briefly overshadowed by the birth of Meghan Markle's first child, but now, the story is back in a big way.

Rose Hanbury

Over the weekend, the story took a bizarre turn thanks to new claims about the source of the rumor.

Many now believe it was Hanbury herself who sold the story to the UK tabloids.

There's not much in the way of evidence regarding this new claim -- just some comments from anonymous sources -- but it would help to explain some of Rose's sketchy behavior in the weeks since the scandal began.

Like Will and Kate, Rose and her husband -- the much-older David, the Marquess of Cholmondeley -- have kept mum on the rumors.

Rose Hanbury Image

But this is a case in which actions speak louder than words, and the Cholmondeleys very much appear to be enjoying all of this attention from the international press.

They've appeared together in public countless times in the past few weeks; Rose has been posting glamour shots on her Instagram page, and she and David recently announced they'll be hosting an art exhibition at their home this summer.

Not the behavior one generally associates with a couple beset by scandal.

Nor is it the level of press attention one generally associates with lesser members of the British nobility.

Rose Hanbury in the Garden

Rose and David are only getting this much attention due to the cheating scandal, and there's no doubt they're aware of it.

As for motive, well, Rose may well have had ample incentive to become a thorn in Kate's side.

After all, this scandal was first reported as a feud between Kate and Rose, with several outlets claiming that Kate had gotten Rose banned from their shared social circle.

It wasn't until several days later that the affair angle emerged.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big

Many assumed that Kate gave Rose the brush-off because she found out about the affair.

But it's equally possible that Rose put the rumors out there as revenge for Kate's social machinations.

Of course, even if the rumors originated with Rose, that doesn't necessarily mean they're not true.

Still, these latest reports might serve to confuse the issue enough that he'll be let off the hook.

It's good to be the future king.

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