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Remember that really awful Game of Thrones finale?

We hope so because it only aired three nights ago.

Well, CBS made the astute decision on Tuesday night to go in the completely opposite direction, airing a season finale that ought to leave fans buzzing all summer long.

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Throughout most of this heart-stopping episode, Mark Harmon’s iconic character of Gibbs saw visions of his ex-wife during a somewhat personal case involving her daughter.

It was as major a test as we’ve ever seen for Gibbs’ whole head-over-heart-do-not-get-personally-invested-in-an-investigation ethos that he has practiced for the duration of this drama.

And then, just as fans were trying to understand what was going on and where it was all going, Cote de Pablo’s face popped up on screen:

Yup: Ziva returned!!!!!

The believed-to-be-dead NCIS agent stood at the top of Gibbs’ basement stairs and said the following to her former boss:

Hello Gibbs. No time for pleasantries. You’re in danger.

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Ummm… what?

Allow us to repeat that: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

As he remains speechless at the sight of Ziva, she asks: "Well, aren’t you going to say something?"

All Gibba can utter, with a hint of a nod and a smile, is a whispered, "Ziva."

At this, she smiles back and the series shifts to its signature black-and-white photo as the episode ends.

Was this yet another hallucination? Or might Ziva, who viewers learned earlier this season is actually alive, be back for good?

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Back in February, Agent Bishop discovered Ziva’s secret office, where she was keeping journals of all the cases in which she got a tad bit too invested.

After using the journals to solve the case, Bishop discovered a note that read: Eleanor Bishop, for the safety of my family, please keep my secret.

de Pablo left the highest rated show on network television in season 11.

However, Ziva allegedly died in season 13 when her house was destroyed in Israel, leaving behind her daughter Tali — which then prompted Tony to later depart the show to care for Tali.

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NCIS will return this fall, hopefully with many answers, but executive producers Frank Cardea and Steven D. Binder teased in a statement last night that the twists, turns and shocks will continue.

“This surprise moment is just the beginning,” they said.

“We are thrilled to share that Cote de Pablo will guest star in the NCIS Season 17 premiere this fall as Ziva’s warning to Gibbs unfolds.”

Wow, huh?

We don’t know if the actress is back for good, but we do now know she will be back.

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And, as you can see above and below, fans are simply stunned.

"What’s the safe period to openly discuss last night’s NCIS finale? Because I have a LOT of feelings/questions on this," one fan tweeted out.

Another added:

"@NCIS_CBS Thank You so much! Best season finale ever! Now hurry up and come back! #Ziva."

Somewhere, HBO executives are probably wishing social media users had reacted in similar fashion this past Sunday night.