Miranda Lambert & Brendan McLoughlin: Headed For Divorce ALREADY?!

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Back in February, country music fans and gossip hounds alike were stunned by reports that Miranda Lambert had married Brendan McLoughlin, a New York City cop whom she had known for no more than two months.

The news was surprising for a number of reasons beyond the fact that Miranda and Brendan had just met.

Brendan Mcloughlin

For one thing, there was Lambert's situation.

Miranda had recently broken up with Evan Felker following a scandalous affair.

(Dude's wife wasn't too thrilled about the relationship.)

And then there's the hot mess that was McLoughlin's love life:

Miranda Lambert and Her Husband

As you may recall, McLoughlin cheated on his previous fiancee and got his mistress pregnant in the process.

As though that weren't enough of a red flag, several women in Brendan's life cautioned Miranda against becoming involved with him.

But Lambert pushed ahead -- possibly for the very worst reasons:

“Miranda suspected that Blake and his love, Gwen Stefani, are close to tying the knot and wanted to upstage her ex,” a source close to the singer tells Radar Online.

Miranda Lambert Wedding Pic

With those inauspicious beginnings, we suppose it should come as no great surprise that Miranda and Brendan's relationship is already beginning to unravel:

“They live completely different lives, almost a thousand miles apart,” the insider claims.

“She’s in Nashville and he’s in New York.”

The source claims the couple's mutual misery was on display earlier this month when they were spotted dining on an NYC patio.

Miranda Lambert at the Mic

McLoughlin allegedly stared at his phone for 20 uninterrupted minutes while Miranda appeared to be "on the verge of tears."

But again, Miranda persevered -- and it seems she'll continue to do so for one simple reason:

“She wants a baby before it’s too late,” the source says.

“But Brendan can barely see her a couple of days a month.”

Miranda Lambert Wins an Award!

Physical distance aside, it seems the couple is beginning to realize that they're very different backgrounds create a different sort of chasm:

“Miranda is one of Nashville’s biggest stars — and he doesn’t know George Strait from George of the Jungle!” says the source.

Yeah, hard-working NYC cop married multi-millionaire country singer sounds like a great premise for a romantic comedy.

But there's a reason they don't make those movies anymore.

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