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Dog The Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman has cancer, but she’s still fighting — for her life, and with family.

Last week, Beth publicly shamed her adult stepdaughter after a perceived snub.

Now, she’s being only slightly less subtle as she accuses her "insensitive" family members of making the cancer worse.

Beth Chapman Smiles

"I am fighting breast cancer," a fan revealed to Beth on Twitter.

"Some family members just are awful," the tweet lamented.

The fan shared that "someone in my family claims that it is just drama."

To the contrary, the tweet said: "When you are so sick in hospital from treatments & almost die is far from drama."

"@MrsdogC," she wrote at Beth. "You are in my prayers. Stay strong."

Beth Chapman tweets about family making cancer worse

Beth saw the complaint and quote-tweeted it in strong agreement.

"Yes," Beth begins.

"I agree there is very insensitive talk that goes on amongst family members," she acknowledges.

"That’s not appropriate for the person going through it," Beth observes.

She then claims: "It actually makes things worse."

Beth Chapman in a Wig

Now, she’s clearly not saying that family members who are unkind are worse than cancer.

But even as she fights for her life, Beth is very conscious of how others are acting.

What she appears to be saying is that hostile words and actions from the ones you love most can make an already bad situation even worse.

It’s not difficult to guess that Beth is thinking of one reletive in particular.

She and stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman have clashed, very publicly, on social media.

Little Lyssa Chapman

Last week, Beth railed against Lyssa in a series of furious tweets, one of which she pinned so that it could not be missed.

Lyssa had not invited her and Duane to see their granddaughter’s graduation.

That is a huge milestone to miss.

Lyssa had also apparently reached out to others but not to Beth on Mother’s Day.

But Lyssa has had a lot of resentment towards her father and towards Beth for years.

She said that she was happy to leave that house as a child because they were constantly fighting and grappling with addiction issues.

Dog and Beth Chapman Pic

In case anyone had thought that Beth and Lyssa had quietly resolved things behind the scenes, Beth made it clear that they have not.

Just recently, she linked to a headline about Lyssa’s favorite reality television moments.

"Seriously who gives a f–k ??" Beth tweeted in reference to her own "bonus daughter" and her interests.

After their spat last week, Lyssa has suggested that Beth could have contacted her privately.

Instead, Beth is continuing to choose to air her grievances in a very public manner.

Beth Chapman Cuddles With Lola

On the one hand, Beth has the sympathy of countless fans and others.

Her cancer, once thought vanquished, returned with a vengeance.

Earlier this year, she had to be hospitalized after fluid began building up in her lungs.

At the same time, Lyssa’s grievances sound very justified.

It’s not like she can simply choose to have another childhood. And according to her, Beth never had any intention of attending the graduation.