Jill Duggar Must Be Pregnant. Here's Why.

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Over in Great Britain this week, residents are fixated on Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and their brand new son, Archie.

Plenty of tea, crumpets and Yorkshire pudding are being devoured in celebration.

Across the ocean, however, the eyes of a different nation are turned to the womb of a different woman and the potential that she, too, will give birth somewhere down the line.

Jill Duggar Poses with Derick

Which is a very drawn-out way of asking:


This question has been asked before, of course.

Just this past February, fans were convinced that Duggar was expecting baby number-three... and it's possible they were correct.

It's possible she had recently gotten knocked up by husband Derick Dillard, yet hadn't announced it yet.

As for why Internet users strongly believe that Jill will, indeed, confirm some big news in the very near future?

It all comes down to this photo:

Jill, Joy & Anna: All Pregnant

The image was shared by Anna Duggar a few days ago and it seemed to tease at least one upcoming Duggar pregnancy announcement was on tap.

"#Throwback to when Jill, Joy & I were pregnant together!" wrote Anna as a caption to this old picture, adding on Instagram:

"Currently, there are 4 Duggar sisters/sisters-in-law that have shared expectant baby news! I wonder how many more new cousins will be announced before our little one arrives?!?!"

She then added the hashtag #littleduggars.

Jill Duggar: Bee Slayer

Naturally, such a tease had everyone buzzing -- especially over the inclusion of Jill in this throwback photo.

Why? Because Anna and Joy actually are pregnant right now! They've already alerted the universe to this blessed fact.

Therefore, many folks around the Twitter are wondering, why would Anna have added Jill to this memorable snapshot, and also written such an intriguing caption... unless she was also with child?!?

“Way to not-so-subtly imply that there are others who have fallen pregnant but are just waiting to announce," wrote one Instagram user in response to Anna's post, echoing our sentiment exactly.

Along with Anna and Joy, Kendra and Amy Duggar are also ALL pregnant, which really is pretty extreme... even for the Duggars.

Jill Duggar with Son

Jill, meanwhile, is the mother to a son named Samuel and another named Israel.

Because she had this last name, we have to assume she'll welcome at least one or seven more kids before all is said and done.

However, husband Derick is currently in law school. It would be challenging for him to continue with his studies and help out with an additonal child at home.

Moreover, Jill went through a pair of notoriously difficult births that resulted in C-sections.

Hence all the chatter over whether she and Derick might adopt their third baby at some point.

All we can say for certain right now is that more Duggars will keep getting pregnant, Jill could be next -- and that The Hollywood Gossip is your destination for the latest and greatest Duggar news!

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