Jessa Duggar Flaunts HUGE Baby Bump at 38 Weeks!

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Back in January, the world learned that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her third child with husband Ben Seewald.

She's bringing longtime Counting On fans along for the ride, showing off her baby bump at every stage.

Now, she's 38 weeks along, and as you can see from her baby bump, this girl is about to pop!

Seewald, Jessa and Ben

Wearing a salmon maternity blouse, Jessa Duggar Seewald showed off her baby bump in a mirror selfie.

She uploaded the image as a treat for her Instagram followers, and included a lengthy caption.

"Some weird shadows being cast here," Jessa begins.

"But," she writes, she "had to get another quick bump pic because we’re so near to the end!"

"#BabySeewald3 will be 38 weeks tomorrow!" Jessa announces.

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump at 38 Weeks

Wow! In part because she is such a slender person, that baby bump is wildly evident.

"I honestly can’t believe it," Jessa expresses.

She acknowledges: "It seems like this pregnancy has flown by!"

And she has a theory as to why this one feels like it was such a breeze.

"Can anybody else attest to that fact that when you have toddler or two keeping you on your toes, pregnancy just seems to fly by??" Jessa asks.

Jessa Duggar At 31 Weeks!

Jessa then shares a tool that has really helped her with this pregnancy.

"So thankful for apps," she writes. "That help to keep me in tune with the status of this little one’s growth and development!"

"I’ve especially enjoyed the app 'Pregnancy+' with all 3 of mine," Jessa highlights.

Now, the Duggars are no strangers to product endorsements, but Jessa makes it very clear that this is her talking.

"In no way sponsored or anything," she promises. "Just really like it!"

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump at 25 Weeks

Jessa then asks a question of her fans and followers.

"Do you have any favorite apps or websites that you use during pregnancy?" she queries.

Notably, a lot of health-tracking apps, including those that monitor pregnancy, are currently available on the market.

They are not, however, without certain privacy risks.

Certain companies have been caught incentivizing employees to track their health, including diet and exercise, on apps.

It's a huge violation of privacy and autonomy, worker advocates argue.

Jessa Duggar introduces us to baby number 3!

As the countdown clock on Jessa's pregnancy continues, fans have one major question on their minds.

What name will she pick this time?

Jessa and Ben already picked out some wild names for their first two.

Spurgeon Elliot and Henry Wilberforce are about to have a younger sibling, but the name is anyone's guess.

Counting On fans can't wait to see the first photos of baby Sparkplug or Filibuster or Schadenfreude.

So. Many. Baby Bumps.

Henry was born two years ago, and weighed 8 pounds and 11 ounces.

Spurgeon was born three years ago, however, and weighed 9 pounds and 11 ounces.

Just a few weeks ago, Jessa reflected upon the size of this pregnancy, noting that she felt that she was somewhere in the middle.

A baby weight isn't the only factor in weight gained during pregnancy.

(There's also amniotic fluid, plus many folks gain weight due to the hormones released by a greedy placenta)

But the safest guess is that baby Tinkertailor or whatever is going to be in the general viscinity of 9 pounds.

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