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This past Mother’s Day, Beth Chapman was praised by fans and celebrated by her family as her cancer battle continues.

But the Dog The Bounty Hunter star has a bone to pick with one relative, her step-daughter, whom she accuses of not giving her a shoutout.

Beth posted a series of tweets calling out Little Lyssa, who then fired back and accused Beth of lying.

Beth Chapman in a Wig
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"I’m very disappointed today," Beth writes on Twitter.

Notably, she ddin’t just tweet this — it is currently her pinned tweet.

"[K]nowing that not only did my daughter @BabyLyssaC not acknowledge me on Mother’s Day," Beth accuses.

She continues: "yet texted some of my friends wishing them a HMD."

"She [also] decides to exclude her dad and I from [Lyssa’s daughter Abbie Mae Chapman, 16] graduation on Friday," Beth reveals.

Beth claims: "I would have moved a mountain to be there."

Beth Chandler tweets at step-daughter baby lyssa

Beth had more to add, responding to questions from fans.

"[I’ve] only got a few things to look forward too," Beth tells a fan, reminding them of her cancer battle.

"Our kids can be hurtful sometimes," Beth laments. "I just hate that the grandkids get tied up in mom’s mess."

Another asked Beth why she had to air the family drama in such a public forum.

"Because she doesn’t answer my calls and has us blocked," Beth claims. "So I’m going to reach my child how [ever] I see fit.”

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Another fan tries to advise Beth to not “sweat the small stuff,” but Beth isn’t having it.

“Not being invited to my granddaughter’s graduation when she graduating a year early is a huge milestone to miss," she points out.

"I’ll decide what’s best for me to get upset about," Beth asserts.

She then shows that she’s not attacking the follower who questioned her priorities.

"[Thank you] for your concern," Beth adds.

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"Maddie texted grandma you did nothing as usual we didn’t know when Abbie’s grad was," Beth writes in another tweet.

"Yes we would have been there!" she asserts.

"[You’re] not off the hook Lyssa," Beth warns.

"You Invite your parents regardless," she demands. "I bet Leigh’s parents we’re invited."

"We could have been home in time," Beth suggests. "You chose not to even tell us."

Little Lyssa Chapman
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The fact of the matter is that there’s bad blood between Little Lyssa, whom Duane had with his third wife, also named Lyssa, and Beth and Duane.

“I had been molested by a friend of his," Lyssa recalled in 2016. "It was a horrible life that I never wanted to go back to."

Lyssa said that she hated ‘living with him and Beth and the fighting and the drugs."

"When I got to my mother’s, although she drank, it was much more peaceful," Lyssa reveals. That’s heartbreaking.

"I was in school, I had friends," Lyssa explained. "I was willing to do anything to not go back."

Though it appeared that they had mended fences in 2018, it seems lcear that not all is well.

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Beth continued after fans told her of how they, too, felt sidelined or forgotten on Mother’s Day.

"I’m very surprised by the many friends here who were not held in the highest of honor on mother day,” Beth tweeted.

“People, what are we teaching our kids?" she asks, bizarrely adding: "Where are the fathers to explain the importance of a mother?"

"You only get one and sometimes a bonus mom," Beth suggests.

"It’s the most hurtful act to not acknowledge the woman who gave you life or the who saved it," she accuses.

Obviously, nobody asks to be born or burdened with life, and it seems a little odd to demand worship over an unbidden "gift."

Beth Chapman and Dog
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"It’s a thankless job, sometimes, and one that requires [patience] and forgiveness,” Beth ranted about motherhood.

“I’ve been blessed with my kids and my bonus kids," Beth notes. "I love them all equally."

"My life would not have been the same without them," she affirms.

"However, in the end, when they are not there," she observes. "You wonder if you ever meant anything to them at all."

Of course, sometimes a parent has a negative impact on a child’s life, which is probably how Lyssa is feeling.

Lyssa Chapman subtweets Beth

Lyssa did respond on Twitter.

"Life I short and you should focus on the good things," she suggests.

"I’m not going to battle with you ever again," she promises.

"If your intent was to hurt me or Abbie with lies," Lyssa writes. "Don’t worry. You didn’t."

"I am so excited, happy and proud there is nothing you can do to dull my or Abbie’s shine," Lyssa assures Beth.

"As we both know you never intended to be home in Hawaii this week," Lyssa accuses. "And I’m sorry you feel some type of way."

"You want to talk," Lyssa concludes. "You got my number."

Maybe Beth has more important battles to fight than dragging her step-daughter’s name through the mud, huh?