Taylor Selfridge: Booked for Teen Mom OG!

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Teen Mom OG may have found a replacement for Bristol Palin.

And we're guessing this newbie brings far more fireworks to the program than her mostly mundane and boring predecessor.

Are you ready to welcome Taylor Selfridge to the fold, MTV viewers?!?

Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton

The relatively unknown Instagram model has confirmed that she'll appear on multiple episodes of Teen Mom OG next season, as the series chronicles her relationship with Cory Wharton.

The pair met during the first season of Ex on the Beach and dated briefly after the show wrapped, prior to breaking up and then getting back together in February of this year.

Taylor and Cory went public with their new romance by sharing multiple "baecation" photos of each other in Mexico about two months ago.

“Things with Cory are going really great right now,” Selfridge told Us Weekly on Tuesday, adding:

“I don’t know what the future holds for us as far as taking our relationship further, but we are in a good place and we’re very happy.”

She added in this interview that she'll be at least a part-time cast member on Teen Mom OG next season.

Taylor Selfridge and Cory

Following the announcement that he was knocking boots once again with Selfridge, Wharton - who debuted on Teen Mom OG last year as the baby daddy of star Cheyenne Floyd - responded to a bunch of criticism from Internet trolls as follows:

"Cheyenne's a great person, a fabulous mother, and I'll always have some love for Cheyenne but I'm not IN love with Cheyenne...

"I have to do what I have to do and Taylor is the person who makes me happy. I'm sorry to disappoint some of y'all...if Y'all really want to see me happy, you'll support me no matter what."

Selfridge has mostly made reality TV fans angry over the years, however, due to actions such as spitting on one of Cory's exes, Alicia Lavida, during an episode of Ex On The Beach.

She is fiery and confrontational and seems destined to stir $hit up far more than Palin, who dropped out of the show last week and who was stuck in a storyline all season long with her now-ex-husband.

She didn't feud with any co-stars at all, really.

Cory Wharton and Little Ryder

Will Selfridge bring a different type of personality?

It sure seems that way.

But Selfridge claims there's no bad blood at all between her and Floyd, despite Cheyenne hinting strongly at times last season that she wanted to be fully together with Wharton.

“We both understand that there has to be mutual respect for each other and her and I are cordial,” Taylor told told Us Weekly of Cheyenne, who did have a brief fling with Cory after Taylor and Cory split the first time.

Selfridge also noted that she and Floyd have a solid relationship.

“I met Cheyenne over a year ago so it wasn’t new to me to see hr. Of course it’s somewhat awkward but her and I have talked, and there’s no drama between us."

Cheyenne Floyd, Cory Wharton

Why do we feel like that may change once cameras start rolling?

Wharton and Floyd are the parents of a two-year old named Ryder.

And Selfridge was actually on hand for the recent birthday party, saying that Floyd's family made her feel "very comfortable" the whole time.

As for backlash against their relationship on social media? Selfridge says she's only focusing on the positive. 

“I know people want there to be drama in the situation we’re in, but there’s just not any and no one wants there to be problems. I’m just enjoying my relationship I’m blessed to have with Cory and Ryder.”

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