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Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa may have ruined his ex-wife’s gender reveal, but overall, he’s doing well these days.

Considering the low points of his life, including a cancer battle and divorce, he’s made tremendous strides.

In a new interview, Tarek says that his suffering has transformed him into a new person.

Tarek El Moussa in Texas
Photo via Instagram

Speaking to Us Weekly, Tarek says that he feels like a "completely different man" these days.

"I’ve absolutely changed a lot," Tarek emphasizes.

He says that he’s experienced shifts in "How I think, how I feel, my mindset, my thoughts on things."

"I’ve completely rebuilt myself," he reports.

"And," Tarek gushes. "It’s a very, very good feeling."

Tarek El Moussa on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

"I had an opportunity in my life," Tarek notes. "To experience some very, very traumatic stays."

That is the weirdest phrasing, but it’s an uncomfortable subject. We get it.

"From cancer and divorce," he lists.

He continues: "where divorce was debilitating to me."

For some people, a divorce is an odd combo of quitting and getting laid off and you just take some time and move on.

For others, their entire world is turned upside down and they have a bit of a personal crisis.

Tarek El Moussa on Insta
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"I know what real pain feels like," Tarek shares. "If that makes sense."

"Years ago before I knew what pain felt like," he says. "I look at it now and I’m [like], ‘This is child’s play, this is a walk in the park.’"

Suffering is awful, but can bring perspective.

"However bad things can be today," Tarek adds. "I compare them to how they were."

"And," he vows. "I know it’ll never be like that again."

Tarek El Moussa Throwback
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Back in 2013, the Flip or Flop star was diagnosed with cancer.

He had both cancer of the thyroid and testicular cancer.

These days, that cancer battle is over.

"My doctor, he told me no more tests," Tarek shared back in March. "And it’s totally clear and I’m cancer free."

"So, that’s some pretty good news," he expressed. "I feel really, really great."

Tarek El Moussa and Taylor El Moussa
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He also shared why he had to switch to a new medication.

"I think it was November, December, January, I was not doing well," he admitted. "I was really sluggish, and slow, and cloudy, and brain fog,”

“I was feeling depressed," he explained. "I was losing all my hair, so I finally went to my doctor."

"Somehow," he divulges. "My body wasn’t accepting my thyroid medication."

"What happened was, I became super-hyper thyroid," he says.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa Image
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"It’s amazing how medication can affect the mind and body," Tarek marvels.

"So I always tell people, if something doesn’t feel right, something’s not right," he shares.

That’s absolutely true.

Tarek advises: "You need to go get it checked out."

Tarek is a millionaire, but he’s not shaming people who can’t afford health insurance.

There are insured folks — even rich ones — who avoid going to the doctor. Sometimes, they wait until it’s too late.

Tarek El Moussa Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Tarek’s behavior before the end of the El Moussa marriage was cause for alarm.

It is wonderful to hear that he is being so mindful these days of his health — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What’s more is that Tarek is using his platform to encourage others to look after their own health.

Make sure that your flesh prison is in working order, folks. It’s the only one you have at the moment.