Meri Brown Mixes It Up with Handsome Men Aboard Cruise: See the Photo!

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Note to Kody Brown:

You may not want to look at Meri Brown's Instagram right now. Or even this article on The Hollywood Gossip.

Consider yourself warned...

meri men

We say this because Meri is currently on a Puerto Rican cruise and very clearly having the time of her life.

If she misses Kody at all, well... she has a very unique way of showing it!

The long-time Sister Wives star just shared the above photo of herself and a handful of strapping young men, writing as a caption to the intriguing image:

Heading out on today's 12 mile bike ride in Bonaire with these guys. It's gonna be a good day!

She added three - yes, THREE! - happy face emojis, along with these hashtags:

#LivingMyWhy, #BecauseICan, #LoveWhatIDo, #LuLaRoeRetailer
#LuLaRoeForLife, #BossLady, #IndependentWoman, #BecauseOfLuLaRoe, #TropicLikeItsHot, #CruisingWithLuLaRoe, #Bonaire.
Meri Brown on a Cruise

The revealing snapshot comes after Kody revealed his thoughts on wives Meri and Christine going on a cruise without him.

SPOILER ALERT: He wasn't a big fan of this decision.

“[Christine] will probably never read these tweets,” Kody wrote this week in response. “Right now she and [Meri] are both on a cruise. Fun for them, lonely for me."

(Second note to Kody: You do know you still have other wives, right?

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday

As loyal Sister Wives fans know, of course, issues have been plaguing Meri and Kody's relationship for some time now.

Heck, he actually divorced Meri years ago so that he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her children.

Meri then fell in love with another man she met over the Internet... only to learn six months later that she had been catfished and this was all just a prank. OUCH.

Despite this awkwardness, and despite the large bumps in their romance, Kody and Meri did celebrate the latter's birthday together in January.

They remain a major part of one another's lives, but Meri talked openly on a recent Sister Wives installment about how the dynamic between the stars is not close to where it once was.

Meri Brown and Kody

“It’s hard to be here and work on these relationships in the family,” she said on air, adding:

“I’m looking in from the outside. I don’t feel like I have a husband and wife relationship.”

There's been concern since about 2016 that Meri would just up and leave the situation entirely, but that is yet to happen.

As for Christine? She ditched her 25th wedding anniversary for the cruise.

Might these women finally realize they've been part of a messy, disturbing and troubling cult and might there eyes finally be open to all the other possibilities that exist out there?

Let us all hope so.

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