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So much for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley having kissed each other goodbye.

Instead, in a weird celebration of April Fools Day this past Monday, the off-again/on-again/they-really-should-be-off-again-and-remain-that-way lovers shared an actual kiss on Instagram.

It was all part of a … pretend wedding ceremony?

Jen with Ronnie

Sadly, yes.

Based on Harley’s Instagram Stories, the reality stars spent many hours on April 1 riding around on a motorbike in Las Vegas, orchestrating a phony wedding and trying to convince followers they had tied the knot.

We guess that’s better than pretending Harley was pregnant, right?

In one Instagram post, the Jersey Shore cast member can seen pulling the vehicle into Sin City’s world-famous drive-thru Tunnel of Love at the Little White Chapel with Harley sitting behind him.

Harley, meanwhile, showed off what looked like a mammoth diamond engagement ring.

Fron there, the twosome exchanged a passionate kiss while posing in front of a heart on the ground that read: “We are standing on the promise of love to each other.”

Check out that image here:

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Kiss
Photo via Instagram

Thankfully, Harley and Ronnie did not get married.

But it’s safe to assume their romance is back on, considering the major spit that is being exchanged in this snapshot.

Jen and Ronnie really went all out for this pretty lame prank, too.

They went on to celebrate the fake nuptial with a dinner surrounded by a handful of loved ones.

“The whole family here,” Harley captioned the photo that depicted a full table of people, including Ronnie, who is holding the pair’s 11-month-old daughter, Ariana.

She turns a year old today and Jen and Ronnie also hung out over the weekend to organize a party for their little girl.

Together for Christmas
Photo via Instagram

We wondered at the time whether the stars were back together or just acting as amicable parents by putting aside their differences in order to be there for their child.

But we now appear to have the unfortunate answer.

Ronnie and Jen got together in July of 2017.

They welcomed Ariana into the world in April of last year, only to engage in a very ugly social media fight just a couple weeks later.

Insults were hurled back and forth and Ronnie nearly got physical with Harley at one point, as you can see in the footage below:

Ronnie Magro Gets Into Altercation with Jen Harley

Somehow, though, the two stayed together even after this vicious war of words.

A few months later, however, Harley was arrested for domestic battery after she — and we’re not making this up — dragged Ronnie down the street by her car.

STILL, however, the relationship continued until it finally appeared to end on New Year’s Eve due to yet another brutal fight, one that involved Harley throwing an ashtray at Ronnie’s head.

After this incident, Ronnie actually checked into rehab for drinking and Depression, saying he had hit "rock bottom" and needed to turn things around.

Ronnie Gets Deep
Photo via Us Weekly

We did, and we still do, applaud the reality star for taking this step.

We had just hoped the turn-around would include the realization that Harley is toxic as a girlfriend.

Alas, it sure looks like this is the role she’s playing in Ronnie’s life again.

For the sake of precious Ariana, we just pray that the 17th time is the charm.