Prince Harry Has Turned Into Meghan Markle 2.0, Friends Fear

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Prince Harry is about to be a changed man.

This is simply what happens when one becomes a father and every second of nearly every day is spent putting someone else's needs before one's own.

Staring at the Prince

However, according to a new Radar Online report, Harry's actually been a very different person for awhile now - ever since he got married to Meghan Markle last May - and his friends are worried.

“Meghan basically transformed Harry into Meghan 2.0” says the insider. “She has him into all sorts of meditation, yoga and healthy eating, just like her.”

How awful, right?!?

Markle has apparently succeeded in getting the heretofore famous party boy to tone down his drinking and his bad eating habits and to actually think about his mind and body in a positive manner.

She really does have some nerve, huh?


It's not that Harry isn't in a better physical and emotional place, these very selfish loved ones evidently argue.

It's that his new lifestyle means they don't get to see nearly as much of the Prince as they used to, pre-Royal Wedding.

“It’s led to Harry being frozen out of the royal circles he may desperately need in the future if things start to go wrong with his relationship with Meghan,” writes Radar ominously and sort of hilariously.

This, we suppose, has already happened to some extent.

Harry and Meghan did just relocate to Frogmore Cottage, an actual place that is located a bit outside of London.

Meghan Markle: So Preggers!

Meanwhile, some socialite and royal biographer named Lady Colin Campbell is willing to attach her name to quotes that back up this portrayal of Harry.

She agrees that he's evolved in many ways since exchanging vows with Markle, yet she also manages to put a negative spin on this evolution.

“She’s radically altered his diet to such an extent that people in the palace are anxious about his eating habits,” Campbell has said to reporters, adding:

“I was told that people at the palace are concerned at the fact that he seems to have lost more weight than they would like to have seen him lose."

It's worth repeating that Harry was known as a party animal for many years, consisting mostly on a diet of beer and, we presume, late-night pizza.

So we feel pretty confident that any change Markle has instilled in her man along these lines is for the better.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Hand in Hand

“Harry has also distanced himself from his friends. Many of his old buddies have concerns that Meghan, with her Hollywood beliefs, has not understood that some of them are in direct conflict with the traditional British way of life,” says Campbell.

“All married couples change subtly, but when someone changes as much as Harry has, it creates a distance for friends.”

This idea that Markle is too Hollywood, even too American, for Royal Life has followed her around for several months now.

It's really pretty annoying, if we're being totally honest.

We can't figure out why so many people keep piling on Markle, but Campbell is very much among them.

Meghan Markle in Morocco

Continued this haughty Duchess of Sussex critic:

“My understanding is that he’s completely besotted with her and she’s got a very strong personality, and one of the characteristics of people with these very strong personalities is that other people are inclined to be in their thrall.”

That's a fancy way of saying Meghan is controlling Harry, to a supposedly dangerous extent.

Concludes Campbell in her critique:

“Like many powerful, feminine women, seems to use Harry’s masculinity as a foil for her own femininity - so he’s protecting her at the very moment that she is in the more potent position in the relationship.

"It’s a very classical thing that women of an older generation used to do: let the man believe that he’s in the driver’s seat, when they’re the ones who have their hand on the wheel.”

Markle is due to give birth some time in the next few weeks.

We really hope all these dumb, ignorant, bitter and jealous people shut the heck up at that point.

The last thing a new mother will need is to her nonsense such as the junk that Campbell is spewing above.

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