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Earlier this month, news of Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury shocked royal-watchers the world over.

This week, the dust has settled a bit, no doubt thanks in large part to William’s efforts to bury the story.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big

In an almost unprecedented move, Will directed the full wrath of his legal team at UK media outlets who carried reports about the affair.

But while Will may have had some success with keeping the story out of the press, he’s had less luck when it comes to mitigating the damage that this latest scandal has done to his family.

Insiders say the royals are reeling amidst a full-blown feud between William and Harry.

2 Princes

Already, Harry and Meghan have put a considerable amount of distance between themselves and the Cambridges by moving out of Kensington Palace and settling into Frogmore Cottage, nearly 25 miles away.

Now, it looks like the Sussexes may be planning to go to even greater lengths to separate themselves from Will and Kate and all the messiness that’s currently throwing the London branch of the family into a state of disarray.

Shocking as it may seem that they would be content to live so far from Harry’s family soon after welcoming their first child, it seems there actually might be some truth to reports of Harry and Meghan moving to Africa in 2020.

A Fab Four

If they go through with the move, no doubt many will view it as a bold rejection of the hollowness of royal life in London.

When you live under the same roof as your brother, but you suddenly move 25 miles away before moving a continent away, there’s really only one way to interpret it.

When all of that happens in the midst of an intense feud (Harry and William reportedly did not speak at all during this year’s Easter celebrations.), the truth of the situation is abundantly evident.

But not surprisingly, the royals are already attempting to put a positive spin on the situation.

Kate Middleton and 2 Princes

An insider tells People magazine that Harry and Meghan may soon be "dispatched" to a foreign territory, while Will and Kate remain at home in preparation of one day ascending to the throne.

“This is a 1000-year-old monarchy overseeing a Commonwealth of 54 territories. Lots of people depend on its existence and continued success,” a source tells the magazine.

“Eventually Harry and Meghan will be dispatched somewhere.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Proximity

The insider continues to pretend this is all part of the plan by claiming that Will and Kate are being kept home in London in order to prepare for life as king and queen.

“William and Kate are completely in transition as he prepares to take over as the Prince of Wales,” the source adds.

“Their life together is all about preparing to be in charge, which is a significant reason for the wall between them and Harry and Meghan.”

Right. Will’s been "preparing to be in charge" his whole life, but it never impacted his relationship with Harry before. Just sayin’.