David and Shannon Beador: Messy Divorce Finalized at Last?!?

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The bitter divorce between Shannon Beador and David has gone on and on and is finally winding to a close.

Though David recently tried to squeeze Shannon for money in order to reduce what he has to pay, the two appeared in court together.

This time, it was to officially end their marriage after 17 long years.

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RadarOnline reports that The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador and her estranged ex David Beador appeared in court together.

On Monday, April 22, the acrimonious exes appeared in court.

But even before their hearing began, the two appeared to be in conflict.

Apparently they were both seen in heated negotiations alongside their attorneys as they ironed out details of the case.

And then, of course, they entered the courtroom.

Shannon Beador Debuts New Look

The goal of appearing before the judge was to finalize their divorce after more than a year of contentious court battles.

We do not yet know how Monday's hearing went.

Maybe they somehow managed to get it all out of their systems and reach an accord before they walked throught he courtroom doors.

But ... their history of relentless squabbling does make that seem less than likely.

We'll find out soon enough, we suppose.

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These two have been arguing about what most divorcing couples argue about: money and custody.

He also tried to make the court force Shannon to never touch a drop of alcohol during visits with her kids, a ploy which got shot down by a judge.

David has pleaded with the court to believe him when he says that he doesn't have enough funds to keep paying Shannon.

The $22,500 that he pays each month is both spousal support for Shannon and child support for their three teenage daughters.

He was so angry when the payments were first ordered that he (reportedly) cut off the water to Shannon's home, where his own daughters live.

But now he may get his wish.

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See, David has insisted that he doesn't make enough to keep paying Shannon like this.

So far, that hasn't flown.

We last heard that the court's forensic accountant says that his business is complicated, but that if support goes down, it will be by a small degree.

On the other hand, Shannon is reportedly making bank.

David claims that she's raking in something to the tune of $900,000 for her role on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

(For the record, from what we can tell from court documents, she makes under $600,000 per recent season, which is still a massive income)

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If they dotted every I and crossed every T in finalizing their divorce on Monday, which we doubt ...

... Shannon spent nearly a year embroiled in a second lawsuit.

She and Tamra Judge were being sued to the tune of $1 million by Jim Bellino.

Yes, the ex-husband of Jesus Jugs had accused the pair of maliciously defaming him by, get this, saying unkind things about his business on a podcast.

Well, Shannon won her part of that suit, and the judge ordered Jim to pay Shannon back for all of her attorney fees and court costs.

Jim has been fighting that, insisting that her court costs were unreasonable. He's still suing Tamra, however.

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