Meri Brown Cozies Up to Kody Brown Despite Crumbling Marriage

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After that tense promo for Season 8 of Sister Wives, fans are questioning if Meri Brown will even stick around.

In real time, however, she just celebrated her birthday.

And Kody was right there to celebrate it with her. Take a look:

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday

Meri Brown shared this cheerful photo of her with her husband, Kody.

In the captions of the Instagram picture, she provided the happy context.

"So Kody and I went out for my birthday the other night," Meri begins.

"And," she shares, the two of them "found this hidden gem in Flagstaff."

"I mean, maybe it was hidden," she admits.

Meri then presents an alternative: "maybe we're just new to town lol!"

Meri Brown and Kody

As you may recall, the Sister Wives officially moved to Arizona in September of 2018.

So, what was this possible hole-in-the-wall that Meri and Kody discovered?

"#BlackBartsSteakhouse and Musical Revue was so fun," Meri raves.

"And," she continues. "We got to experience the musical talents of students from #NAU."

Live music hit or miss, so we're glad that they enjoyed it.

"Definitely a win!!" Meri concluded.

Meri Brown on Insta

Meri also included some curious hashtags after her caption.

"#LivingMyWhy," Meri writes. "#BecauseICan."

"#LoveWhatIDo," Meri added. "#LifeFulfilled."

It's always nice to see people enjoying their lives -- especially on their birthday.

Some Sister Wives fans may find her post reassuring after that uncomfortable promo.

Meri Brown Up High

During the Season 8 promo, Meri was crushed when Kody refused to give her a down payment for the bed and breakfast that she wants to open.

She and Kody were in conflict after that, and Meri seemed -- once again -- like she wanted to make a change.

"Part of me wants to just stand up and say, okay fine, I don’t need you guys," Meri said.

Some interpreted that as Meri saying that she had one foot out the door already.

Others believed that she was simply resolving to open the bed and breakfast on her own.

Meri Brown Returns

There was more, however, as Meri spoke to her sister-wife, Christine Brown.

"You don’t feel comfortable around me,” Meri accused.

Christine was then shown speaking into the confessional.

“The sister wives relationship is super tricky," Christine admitted.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown

Christine explained that this is "because you’re trying to be best friends with the woman who has a relationship with your husband."

That makes sense.

Some polyamorous relationships feature everyone involved in a relationship with everyone else.

That is not the case for Mormon polygamy.

They are each married to Kody and Kody to them.

Jealousy and favoritism have been major thematic issues for the Sister Wives.

Meri Brown Cries

Part of that tension remains rooted in Meri's six-month online relationship -- one that turned out to be the result of Catfishing.

"I didn’t know how to get out of the situation without putting myself, family, and friends at greater risk,” Meri admitted.

“It was a very difficult time," she confessed. "I had a lot of anxiety."

"My family was very concerned for our safety," she continued. "And angry that we had been targeted."

Some fans have been rooting for Meri to get away from Kody, whom many consider to be a creep.

Sister Wives is an entertaining show, but it might not be the picture-perfect example of a healthy multiple marriage that Kody wishes it were.

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