Leah Messer Throws All the Shade at Jason Jordan on Twitter ... DAMN

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Leah Messer is clearly going through some post-breakup bitterness because she's got a lot she would like to get off her chest. 

The Teen Mom 2 star has been throwing shade left and right on Twitter after recently confirming that she and ex Jason Jordan have split. 

She started off with casual subtweeting and liking of other people's messages, but now Leah's got some not so nice words of her own. 

Leah and Jason Date Night

After Leah shared an Instagram post that strongly hinted at the couple's parting, reports quickly surfaced that Leah dumped her older ex-boyfriend because of his controlling behavior. 

"So thankful for this beautiful journey that we call life!" she wrote in front of a floral backdrop. 

"My thought of the day... Everyone comes into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I'm thankful for everyone I've journeyed with and continue to learn and grow."

L Messer

At this point, fans began to consider the fact that Leah and Jason's relationship must have hit rock bottom. Again. 

"When we can live in the present with appreciation, there's no room for judgment," she continued. 

"Some things are just not meant to be and that's ok."

Jason Jordan Smiles with Leah

And while the message seemed to show that Leah was doing pretty well, fans saw right through it. 

But her followers were at a crossroad because the last time Leah and Jason broke up she removed all of their pictures from her Instagram profile. 

However, this time his pictures were not immediately removed, and none of us knew what the heck was going on!  

Jeremy and Addie

But by March 18, just a few days after her worrisome post, all evidence of their relationship had finally been deleted from her Instagram. 

Deleting pictures after a breakup is a common move, however, Leah started to send other subtle signs that she and Jason were totally OVER. 

And it got real. 

Leah Messer Close Up

"You're so vain / you probably think / this Tweet is about you," Leah retweeted from another user.

Even though it wasn't Leah's own words, we of course got the hint that Jason is so vain.  

She also liked a post about relationship equality. 

"If he pays for dinner, I got the tip. If he buys the movie ticket, I got the snacks and drinks. If he pays for everything one night, I got the next date. It's a balanced relationship that's how we roll." 

Jason Jordan and Leah Messer

And before Leah even hinted to her fans about the breakup, she tweeted a day prior "When someone shows you who they are believe them. Facts." according to Us Weekly

But now she is bringing the fire once again and using her own words to diss her ex! 

On Sunday, March 24, Leah wrote "I don't wanna be your second best... I wanna be your only!" adding a heart emoji. 

Leah Messer on Insta

Immediately, her fans showed their support saying, "That's right, girl. Number one all the way." 

And naturally, they couldn't help but throw their own shade themselves. 

"I thought her new relationship looked so good but this says otherwise," commented one follower. 

Leah Messer's Daughters on the Fourth

Another wrote "Picking the wrong good [old] boys" and encouraged her to never be second. 

Some fan reactions should be disregarded though as a few suggested that newly single Leah should give another ex, Jeremy Calvert a second chance. 

"I know y'all annoyed AF with this, but hear me out," one fan wrote. 

"You are totally different people now... Jeremy, beef up the flirt game, buy some flowers. Lean, clean ya damn car," they joked. "Go on a date." 

Leah Messer and Her Daughters

But even Leah shut down that ridiculous idea fast when a fan asked if she and Jeremy were back together by simply saying, "Nope."

Looks like this girl is staying single for now! 

And once she gets all of her venting out, she will be just fine. Besides she's got her little girls to love on.

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